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Who else stays up all night?

Asked by ideabrian (404points) August 15th, 2008

I often get on these schedules where I work 16 hours straight. It doesn’t seem scalable, but I’m curious who else does this?

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I’ve had a few 16 hour days. They are not very fun. I recommend shutting yourself in a quiet, dark room and sleeping until you absolutely have to wake up again.

But I usually try to get at least four hours of sleep if it’s just a normal weeknight.

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i have vacation, i’ve had some pretty rough night, last night i finished chatting up on campfire at around 6 in the morning, fell to sleep, boss called me if i wanted to work @ 12, so here i am, almost 5, working hard :)

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I was once awake for 24 hours straight. It was the day after I had gotten back from India and was still experiencing severe jetlag. on top of that I had to go to a relatives birthday party. Tried drinking as much soda as possible but even that failed to keep my eyes open.

Right now its summer break, so go to bed at around 1:00 am and wake at 10:00, which I enjoy much more than getting up at 6:00 when its still dark out.

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Well, I used to stay up for 36 hours straight every 3–4 days as a medical resident. Now I do it every once in a while. It was always painful, and it gets more so the older I get.

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I love sleep waaay too much to do that anymore.

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I have chronic insomnia, that escalates over a period of time…so, if I’m asleep by 1am (very early for me) tonight, tomorrow it’ll be 2am, and by the end of a week and a half or so, I’ll have a night in which I won’t sleep at all. I’ve always been this way, and have (mostly) learned to adjust.

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Never. Not when I was a kid and went to slumber parties, never as a teen, never in college (we’ll stop there, lol). I have always loved sleep, and consider it one of life’s great pleasures. The few times I’ve stayed up almost all night, involuntarily, have been horrible. My family calls me “Badger” if I haven’t had a good night’s sleep.

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I do, it is not good for me. That is why I am on here way to much.

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