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How often do you clear out your comments on Fluther?

Asked by tedibear (19013points) August 15th, 2008

First of all, I’m new to Fluther and am really enjoying the experience. (Okay, I’m very close to addicted, but that’s a different issue!) I’ve deleted some of the comments I’ve received, but kept a few as well. Especially those that were very informative. And, if someone were to send me a particularly nice comment, I would probably keep it. What about you? How long do you keep a comment and why? From a techinical viewpoint, is there a reason it might be better to clear out your comments?

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I didn’t know we could delete them? It’s not like they take up very much space.

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Never. I’m saving scamp’s comments for blackmail ;-)

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I don’t delete any pm’s, but if I get a public message that I dislike, I will delete it.

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I am frantically running in place to delete a novel’s worth of PM’s. I didn’t think to start dele-ing two years ago and had no idea of what would happen. I am trying to get Ben to erase all but the last few pages. Huge numbers of fascinating stories and info; I started to keep individual files but it got overwhelming.

The technical reason is that the comment page refreshes to the latest after each deletion.

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I did one purge a while back when I cleared all… hindsight I kinda regret deleting some of them, but what can you do!

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I like the comments and leave them there.

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I keep them all. Good, bad and misguided…..They all have their place in my egotistical, OC, neurotic little world….

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@mee-ouch; just you wait until you see 45 pages of comments…

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So, why aren’t you Queen? You’ll have to refresh my memory…

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Because I am the Dowager mum.

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Ol’ Vic huh?

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Wrong one. Queen Mary (RIP.)

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But of course….

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Unfortunately my choice of hats is either a balaklava or one with reindeer antlers.

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