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Do you like the plush recliners in movie theaters?

Asked by rockfan (9744points) January 20th, 2018 from iPhone

I know this is a stupid first world problem – but I really dislike them, especially the ones in Regal Cinemas. The recliners are situated in such a way that forces you to recline and put your feet up, because if you don’t, the back of the chair won’t move and your neck will be stiff after an hour.

Personally, I go to movies because I like to get swept up in the drama and action, not to relax. Your thoughts?

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It’s harder to pick up the popcorn I drop out of the plush chair.

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They’re ok if you get stuck on the 1st row. At least you can recline enough to see the screen. We took our 2 youngest grand daughters to see “Ferdinand” last week and got stuck up front like that even though there was plenty of seating. A better question is why do they assign seats in a damn movie theater? I mean it’s just a kiddie movie after all, not a ball game or concert. Bunch of bull crap.

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I like them just fine. Much better than the stiff, too-small-for-even-my-thin-frame seats typically found at movie theaters.

I have never seen a movie theater with assigned seating.

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Cenergy Cinemas in Central Tx do that assigned seating crap.

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In the 1950’s, filmmaking had become so smooth that people were falling asleep in theaters. Motion picture producers recognized this, and had film editors make some jarring cuts, to keep the viewers alert and awake.
True story.
These luxury chairs are very comfortable, and cause two problems: reduced occupancy in theaters, and viewers falling asleep.
My daughter went to a new theater in Pleasant Hill, and there was no concession stand. You sit in your chair, and press a button, and someone comes to take your order.
I think this is ridiculous.

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Being short, I can never adjust them to be really comfortable for my back; the seat is too deep. I also hate having to pre-buy tickets and select seats. I was in a movie recently where supposedly most of the seats were sold out but the theater was half empty. Guess that’s a boon for the theater if they sell tickets in advance and get money from no-show but it is a turn-off for me.

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Either way. I wouldn’t pay extra for a theater that had them, but I wouldn’t not attend a theater that has them.

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Not much, I get sleepy.

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@filmfann that sounds like my kind of theater! I hope it’s contagious!

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