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Are you one of "those" people that refuse to go to a movie theater becasue of the theater shootings in the last number of years?

Asked by Coloma (47105points) September 1st, 2016

I love going to the movies and go quite frequently, at least once, if not several times a month. Average 1–3. I know two people that refuse to go to the movies anymore because of their paranoia of a possible shooting. I am not a paranoid type, at all, and I refuse to give in to fear.

What about you, have you banned movie theaters from your life because a shooting event might occur?

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Hell no. I don’t go quite as often as you, but I still make it to 15 or so a year.

If one is going to avoid theaters because of shootings, better stay away from malls and schools.

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Are there people like that? I just saw three movies in the last month. That’s unusual for me. I think before that I hadn’t seen a movie in over 6 months.

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@zenvelo Completely agree.
@JLeslie Yes, there are people like that.
Of course it depends on the movie. I may not go for several months then go 3 times in one month depending on the releases and what sparks my interest. I saw ” War Dogs” today, it was great!

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No but for us it would kill a $100. gas-tickets-dinner-pop corn and drinks and would have very little left of that $100.
So it’s just to damn much for just a movie.

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If that logic is applied people will stop going to malls / students will quit going to college / schools.

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@SQUEEKY2 Go to a matinee, no dinner, and never buy stuff in the theater, the prices are outrageous. I have a Regal rewards card so I only get my free popcorn or drink now and then. I only take in bottled water smuggled in my purse.

@imrainmaker Agree, people are just weird. You could get shot at your bank too.

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Since my country prohibits guns, I’m going to use an equivalent of your “shootings”: knifing and gang violence. Let’s face it: violence is everywhere. When there are violent assholes there will be violence, regardless of where they are or what they have in their hands. If you are scared of being caught up in a mindless brawl you should stay at home forever.

I don’t go to the cinema often, for the obviously different reasons: I prefer to go with someone else and I don’t always find someone to go with, and my local cinemas seem to release so many bad movies these days. Knifing or gang violence whatever have never been my last thought.

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@Mimishu1995 I agree. Do you get any American new release movies? How long does it take for an American film to open on your area?

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No, I’m one of “those” people that refuse to go to the U.S. becasue of the theater shootings in the last number of years.

I’m kidding, I do go to the U.S. But sometimes it makes me nervous.

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I never considered it before reading this question.

It’s like flying – you’re MUCH more likely to die in a car accident on the way to the airport than to be in an airplane crash.

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The theatre where the shooting happened is the closest theatre to me.

Honestly I do a lot fewer activities in crowded places in general since my state went batshit. But I mostly avoid the theatre because there’s little I’m willing to pay that much to see.

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No. The odds of that happening in any one theater are infinitesimally small.

Due to the prices, the only movies I will see in a theater are those which would suffer from being viewed on a home tv screen.

Movies with great special effects or great nature vista’s are worth spending theater prices for. But the average drama or Rom com is just fine if viewed at home since it’s more about the acting than the surroundings.

Something like Avatar was worth seeing in a theater (even tho the overall plot wasn’t anything to write home about)

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I don’t refuse to go to theaters but I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t make me a bit nervous.

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No, I don’t go to movie theaters because they are dirty, uncomfortable and expensive. I don’t like being out in public places. I would much rather watch the movie later, in my own home.

I sometimes make an exception for IMax.

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I haven’t been to a youth camp in the Oslo fjord, but not for any other reason than I don’t live down there and my son is too young. If he wants to attend that camp when he’s older I won’t think twice. He’s more likely to get hit by a car on his bike, and I don’t stop him from doing that either.

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We go to the movies about once a month. At one of the nice theaters by our house (there are 3) they have $6 pricing for any of the movies that start before noon, so we always go to those. We eat breakfast before we go, then eat lunch out somewhere, or eat lunch at home afterward. We also have a rewards card with this theater so that if you see X amount of movies, you get a free something, either a drink, popcorn, or a free movie. So it works out quite well.

I saw Southside With You, the movie about Michelle and Barack Obama’s first date today. It was very sweet. The fellow who played Barack looked somewhat like him, but his voice was right on.

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@Kardamom When my adult grandsons were teens, we had a movie theater like that. It was really great for them. The shopping center remodeled and the theater vanished.

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No. (But the extreme rate of films I don’t think I’ll like, has a great impact.)

I also don’t expect there will be any theater shootings anywhere near me. How many have there been and in what states?

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@Coloma most movies screened in my country are imported from America because my country can’t afford to make many movies. Usually they handpick movies that are very popular and have been screened in many other countries and meet the criteria of not so sexual, violent or things like that. The longest we have to wait is for a month. It’s just that these days they seem to pick really crappy movies. I go to IMDB and get angry at so many good movies they fail to pick :p

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I go to the movies quite often.
If you don’t, the terrorists win.

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No, but I live in the UK. What does put me off going is the lack of good films.

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@Zaku “I also don’t expect there will be any theater shootings anywhere near me. How many have there been and in what states?”

I can only think of 2— one in Aurora, CO and another one in FL.

The one in CO was a mass murder of random victims.

I think the one in FL involved someone getting shot, because they wouldn’t turn off their phone during the coming-attractions previews.

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The opportunities for irrational phobias are pretty much limitless. And it’s a sure bet that anyone prepared to write off every movie theater for fear of being shot in the effort will have a bushel basket of other less avoidable situations terrorizing them. There are just entirely too many things from which to choose. Most people confessing to such an affliction realize already that they are afflicted with a diagnosable disorder. There’s little point in deriding folks whose lives can be so readily restricted by petty fears. They already live in torment.

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I live in England, no shootings here, we’re civilised see.
Me & my daughter love horror movies & recently went to see The Conjuring 2, we both loved it.
We were sat next to a young gay couple & me being me, I asked if they were screamers as I know I tend to jump easily, they said they were & at one point the guy next to me gripped my knee with his hand at a particulary scary scene. We smiled an awkward smile but knew that it probably did us both some good :D

My daughter wants to go see Lights Out next, had some bad reviews but I never listen to them so that’s probably a goer.

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The reason I do not go often is the dearth of cinema worthy films.

I did travel an hour and a half to see Tarantino’s 70mm Roadshow edition of The Hateful Eight on principle.

In ‘92 I traveled an hour to see Ridley Scott’s Director’s Cut of Blade Runner. I was too young to see the original cut in a theater in ‘82.

The home theater is rather impressive anyway.

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No. I wish I had more time to go to the movies but I do go maybe once every two months or something like that. More often during Oscar season if I want to see some that are nominated.

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Hell no. I don’t go to theaters because there aren’t any nearby. And I’ll bet these people you know that are afraid to go to theaters are afraid of a lot of other things, too.

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I am not, but I’ll tell you a story.

Not too long ago, my wife, daughter, and I went to go see You Before Me. A schmaltzy, tear-jerker of a movie if ever there was one. I like a good sappy movie now and again and my daughter really wanted to see it.

While we’re waiting for the movie to start, a big, burly dude sits next to my daughter. He’s all alone and has a beat-up orange duffle bag. This couple comes and sits next to him, but they clearly don’t know each other. What’s more, he’s rather fidgety in his chair.

My wife (former probation officer) spots this and points it out to me. I am not prone to paranoia at all, but it was just odd enough that I said, “Let’s go.”

I mentioned it to the usher on the way out and went to get coffee elsewhere.

Nothing happened, but in that one instance, (manly dude, alone, duffle bag, seeing a “date movie”), it seemed the prudent thing to do.

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^^Who the hell in their right mind would let a guy in a theatre with a big orange duffle bag nowadays?

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@cookieman Maybe the manly dude likes to see a good sappy movie now and again?

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I can only think of that one cinema mass shooting. Is there more than one in the last 20 years that people feel like it’s a horribly vulnerable place?

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No, I don’t go to movie theaters more than once a year because so many movies are utter crap, and at $10—$12 for a ticket, it’s not worth it.

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The minimum wage employees can’t be arsed to tell big burly dudes they’re not allowed to carry in their bags.

Besides, they just let me in with my giant tote bag that totally isn’t full of snacks.

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@Seek @cookieman I didn’t realise you can’t take bags into US cinemas. It isn’t a problem in the UK and I often have a rucksack with me in the cinema.

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You can, that’s the point.

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I took a bag into the cinema only once, the MIL chatted all the way through…never again.

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@Espiritus_Corvus: The ushers don’t even check bags. As @Seek said, they can’t be bothered given what they’re probably paid.

@flutherother: Apparently so. I was clearly stereotyping.

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@Espiritus_Corvus – suppose the ushers or ticket takers did check bags? So what? Unless the ticket takers are armed (highly unlikely, since at the theaters near me they are high school students), what could they say? “Sir, you can’t come in because you have an AR-15, thanks for coming!”

The only way that bag checking works is if the checker has some deterrent force to stop the person trying to get in.

That’s why, when I was in israel, they checked womens’ purses and mens’ briefcases upon entering any building, restaurant, train stations, etc. But the person doing the checking (a) was carrying lethal force, usually a revolver, and (b) had a walkie talkie or phone out and at the ready.

If you don’t have the deterrent force, it makes zero sense to check bags.

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The Aurora gun enthusiast entered without a bag. He sat down in the front row for a while, used and “exit only’ door, propped the door open, and retrieved his weapons from his car.

I am not making a point or drawing a conclusion, just stating the facts of the event.

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No, I (usually) refuse to go to movie theatres because of THE PUBLIC who rustle through their damned snacks and text their friends on their phones during the movie.
I usually wait for the DVD, only rarely is a movie compelling enough to get me into a theatre.

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I go about once a week and find wonderful movies to see.

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@janbb Me too. Too bad we aren’t closer we could be movie pals. :-)

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@elbanditoroso Jesus. Use your head. You don’t check the bags. You refuse to sell them a ticket if they don’t lose the bag. We’re not talking about hourly wage here. We’re talking about enforcing company policy in order to prevent a fucking massacre. Even a high school kid understands that.

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I carry a messenger bag to the theater when I see a movie after work. Women carry purses.

I worry about theater shootings like I worry about getting hit by lightning. Not at all.

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No, I do not worry about that at all. The number of shootings in theaters is quite small, but the liberal media exaggerates such things, and they scare some naive people. If someone does start shooting, I will just return fire with a Makarov.

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