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Why do some people let their dogs walk off leash?

Asked by loser (15007points) August 15th, 2008 from iPhone

Downtown, through parking lots, on public trails… They could get into anything. It’s dangerous!

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some are just really well trained.

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To give themselves the illusion that they always have complete control of an animal.

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Do you really think Charlie Brown knew that his dog was a flying ace? Really?

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I feel it is a case of they just don’t think. They don’t give it any thought until something bad happens. It isn’t as though they don’t love their dogs, I feel that they want their animals to be able to run free, as it were. Often their pets have been shut in, so they want them to be able to stretch their legs. Unfortunately cars, garbage etc are not animal friendly.

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Are you saying they should always be on a leash no matter where they are?

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@damien Personally, as a dog owner, unless the dog is on private property or in a designated area (e.g Chicago’s doggy beach), I think it is the pet owner’s obligation to leash their dog.
A million things could happen. A child could run up and startle the dog (possible bite), dog could see a rabbit and run in front of a car, a person on the street might be terrified of dogs, etc.

It is about responsible pet ownership (owner is charged w/ keeping the dog safe and keeping others safe from the dog), legal liability and courtesy to strangers.

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I don’t know, but I don’t like it. I am scared of dogs, though I have gotten a lot better recently. Still, like Snoopy said, unless on private property, dog owners, please have your dogs on a leash!!

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I keep my dog on a leash on the road but not on paths, fields, etc. (where there’s no cars). She always stays very close and if I didn’t let her off, she’d hardly get any exercise.

If they’re under control and away from roads, I don’t see what the problem is.

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damien….I think you have to use your judgement….It sounds like where you are doing this is maybe where there is no chance that your dog would come across another person (fields). If that is the case, then I think it is reasonable.

I have always had dogs. I “know” they would never hurt anyone, but I can’t predict the unpredictable. I “know” they will mind me….but….what if?

I never really understood how someone could be afraid of my gentle dogs until I met someone who has a very real fear of dogs. Since then, I am more sensitve to people who might not like my dogs or actually be afraid of them, just b/c they are, well, dogs.

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I’ve watched dogs go off from their owners on public trails and go eat things while their owners were totally clueless. I just think people should be more careful.

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Dogs that are out and about in public with their owners should be on a leash. Most places have leash laws. It is in the interest of safety for your pets and out of consideration for others.

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It depends on the dog. Mine are leashed except in designated off-leash areas. The problem is usually owners, not dogs. I have known people whose dogs were perfectly trained and fine off leash.

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Ok. I have two 11 year old labradors, one retired from being an assistance dog when he was nine. (Led a blind person for seven years). Until moving to Virginia, both dogs walked daily off the leash through beautiful countryside, and it was so nice for them to be able to run, play and socialise with other dogs. They have been in cafe gardens, shops, on boats, they have flown on an aeroplane,- list is endless and throughout their lives, recieved numerous comments on how nicely behaved, intelligent,clever (the assistance dog) was, – the assistance dog would have an hour off his duties everyday to walk through the woods off leash and generally be a dog – it was like saying thankyou for the other 23 hours which he spent assisting a disabled human being.
Both dogs never approach other dogs unless invited, will walk to heel on command without a leash etc.
However they moved to virginia, and even on a semi deserted beach, if they go into the water for a gentle swim there is some dickhead 200 yards away who starts behaving like there is a shark in the water. Most people seem to think that domesticated dogs should live happily in a confined back yard for years, never experiencing any kind of freedom. I would never walk an untrustworthy or annoying dog off leash – but I honestly think we have created the domestic dog as a companion or assistant, – 99 percent of dogs if trained properly only want to please people. We owe it to them to give them a decent quality of life which does involve some measure of freedom in appropriate places. I dont agree with zoos either, and I am not a weird animal rights campaigner. Just struggle with the aggression I am experiencing towards two elderly dogs who have spent their lives serving people and the aggression has been from people whom the dogs have not even attempted to approach or interact with in any way. Humans can be assholes.

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