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Why don't they make credit card readers so that they read in every way you may insert your card?

Asked by Dutchess_III (38821points) January 23rd, 2018

Sonic is especially bad. I have to swipe 13 different ways until I hit on the one side it will read. Part of the problem is that I’m trying to swipe from inside my car. When I get out to swipe it’s much more fluid and I’m more likely to get results right away.

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Swiping cards has been almost completely eliminated here in MA. It’s all chip readers or Android/Apple pay. I suspect the swipe will be eliminated there soon.

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I would settle for a little consistency in how you hold your card. I feel the same way about phone chargers, damn the proprietary cords. Standardize! You bastards!

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Got notification from my bank that it will change on Feb 1 and cards without a chip won’t work. Around here several companies still use the swipe method.

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From what I’ve seen here in the Los Angeles area, the only devices that still use swipe readers are gas pumps.

I haven’t noticed what kind of readers are used by the restaurants where I go.

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In Missouri, we do chips, swipes and phones. I have the feeling we’ll all move to smart phones and eliminate any cards, checks, etc… May the govt overreach/ privacy violation conversations continue.

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My card is contactless and doesn’t have to be inserted.

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It would require additional sensors, which would increase manufacturing costs.

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The store I go to everyday just put up a sign that it will be only chip and pin soon. Luckily my cards already have chips.

But the few times I have used the chip thing it has been a mess. We are talking a minute+ to process the thing and the UI is a nightmare.

Unless they fix this shit and provide a consistent UI I am going to go back to cash.

And yeah Europe and Canada. I know you have this working well so nobody needs to hear about how awesome you are.

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It’s not really a minute. Seems like it though.

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Increased expense, like @ragingloli said.

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Well, we are exceptionally awesome.

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Chip readers I use are not slow anymore. I do remember the ones at Target were slow when new.

I think some gas pumps swipe two ways. As long as the magnetic strip is at the top.

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Set up Apple Pay / Google Pay on your phone – it is 10x faster than the chip reader, and just as fast as the magnetic swipe.

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