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Would the world be a better place without Twitter?

Asked by flutherother (28817points) January 26th, 2018

I don’t use Twitter but it seems everyone else does. Is Twitter of benefit to mankind?

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Not any better or worse than it would be without Facebook, Instagram and the likes.
It’s people’s misuse of it that makes it either pointless or annoying.

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Don’t blame the delivery vehicle, blame the content creators.

Whether it be stage, screen, radio, television, or the web, there is always good and bad content. The only difference with social media is the creation and delivery of content has been democratized via easily accessible technology. More content creators, more delivery avenues, means a higher percentage of crap. Seek out and focus on the good stuff.

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Although Facebook and Twitter are part of social media I think FB is more used for increasing personal contacts while Twitter is more used as battlefield. Twits are weapons hurled at each other and responded to with same intensity. It is of no use for common people like us unless you are obsessed with some ideology / person worship.

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@imrainmaker Tweets, not twits. hahaha

I’m not a big fan of Twitter personally, just find it boring and everyone tries to come up with clever things to say in character limit. And yes, the drama is horrible.

imrainmaker's avatar bad. Autosuggestion does some funny things. I should have checked properly..)

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To me, Twitter is another annoyingly-overpopular lite-content attention sink to create another password to remember for, to learn how it works, and to have my activity tracked and cross-referenced and sold by the “we sell your information” industry.

I’ve never had a Twitter account, but I have occasionally followed links to Twitter pages when someone has pointed out the cream of the crop – usually a kitten video.

I don’t know that the world will be ultimately better without Twitter, but I will smile when I hear it is no more, and hold out hope that it won’t be replaced by something even more annoying.

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Twitter has been very useful in countries where there is a political uprising or other need for news to travel fast. It is valuable in that way.

It is also valuable in showing us Trump’s unscripted, unfiltered thoughts.

Otherwise, I have no use for it.

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