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Does a Nintendo 3DS fall under the category of "digital equipment"?

Asked by Mr_Saturn512 (558points) January 28th, 2018

I’m going to sit in the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. I’m reading the rules and they say no “digital equipment” allowed. Would that count a Nintendo 3DS? I always like to carry it with me in the city to get Street Passes.

On a side note, they also say “no sharp objects of any kind”. Is a pen considered a “sharp object”?

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Don’t take it. You have no need for it there.

A pen is not a sharp object.

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All of us are just going to be pulling shit out our ass to answer your question. But none of us know.

Are your “Street Passes” (I do not know what these are) worth risking not being admitted?

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Street pass is this thing where you can keep the 3DS in your pocket while it’s on and anyone else in a certain radius with a 3DS “street passes” you automatically. They share their avatars and other stuff blah blah blah.

If you drive to the city you could park your car in a lot and leave it there and pick it up later. Parking can be expensive though in the city. But if you’re going with someone you could split it. I know that some parking places are 25 bucks as long as you leave within 12 hours. I split that with a friend for Comic Con.

And as for the pen, I would say as long as it’s a normal humdrum ballpoint pen then it’s fine. Maybe they’d be upset by one of them fancy pointy fountain pens but I doubt you had that in mind.

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Oh man, I’ve gone to see Colbert but it was a few years ago and I’m having a really hard time remembering how tight security was. I think it would probably be okay. They’re probably more worried about recording equipment. And it’s not like they’ll be confiscating people’s smart phones.

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If you hate Stephen Colbert and would rather be playing on your 3DS then bring it.

Would you bring your 3DS to a formal concert or wedding? seems kind of rude

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