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Can you make a burger better than McDonald's?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24048points) February 4th, 2018

I was asked this question in marketing class in 1997 and most people said yes. What is the sequence of questions if you keep your hand up? Example can you make a burger better than McDonald’s then why don’t you start your own buisness? Ect. I kept my hand up and was curious about how far I can take it. This was a typical question in business school and I forgot the next questions if you keep saying yes. Can you remember the next questions? The teacher got revenge by asking continuously asking “What is marketing?” over and over again for the whole semester.

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He failed me in the end.

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anyone can make a burger better than mcdonalds.
all you have to do is actually season the meat, make the patty thicker, and not fucking overcook it, like the clown does.

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I can make a better burger. And I can make better fries. But I can’t do it as cheaply.

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@zenvelo Yes that was the next question. Thanks. Can we go on if you had said that you can make it cheaper than McDonalds?

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talk about your rhetorical questions. Anyone old enough to read the question should answer yes. So the McDonalds question follows to force you to consider what is required to SELL the burger.

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@stanleybmanly Awesome thanks. Let’s keep going?

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Remember the Rat Burger from Demolition Man?
I bet that one was better than the clownburger.

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@ragingloli Yes. Totally worth the watch.

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McDonald’s probably quality is the lowest I have ever seen, in a first world country. They aren’t willing to pay their employees, so the results are what we see.

I don’t care for the premise of the question. There is almost no correlation between quality and why McDonald’s is successful. As long as food poisoning, is kept within legal standards, that seems to be their target. Same with the consumer. You don’t go to McDonald’s, for a quality meal, or nutritional value.

Just because I am better than the worst restaurant in the country, doesn’t mean that I should get a loan, and start a restaurant that will fail when McDonald’s puts a location across the street from mine. Small businesses are the enemy of large corporations. They could take a huge loss, just to shut me down. I’ve seen it done over and over.

Bad question (not the OP’s question about the question.)
Poor logic. It reeks of someone hopelessly optimistic. If life were only that simple…

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Remember the Rat Burger from Demolition Man?

That’s totally disgusting.
Demolition Man sucks.

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You have no taste, is all.

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Demolition Man was cool. I thought… Plus, Sandra Bullock, in leggings, or yoga pants, or whatever you call them.

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Pretty much anyone can make a better burger than McDonald’s. As to why they don’t start their own business – starting a business requires access to capital. Access to capital is hard to get if you don’t already have it. Beyond, even when operated well and producing a quality good or service running a business is extremely risky and subject to a lot of factors that are beyond the business owner’s control.

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It was a marketing class. Everyone except my mom can make a better burger. She is a horrible cook.

Even if I could make a better and cheaper burger and set up shop right next to a McDonalds I could not win. The marketing engine is way to powerful.

And on average a big mac is 4 dollars. That is not cheap. I bought good lean from the butcher the other day and Tillimook medium cheddar. Bought kinda shitty buns, but the beef and cheese was top notch. Total cost per burger was around $2.50.

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Even I can make a better burger, and mine are vegetarian. Why am I not in business selling burgers? Because that is not why I am making the burger in the first place. I am only making it, because I want to eat it.

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I make beer can burgers. That’s all I have to say.

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I can make a burger as good as or better than any restaurant I can think of, especially since I tend to use better ingredients than they do.

McDonald’s, meanwhile, thaws frozen pucks of who-knows-what and produces disgusting spongy things.

I agree with @MrGrimm888 “There is almost no correlation between quality and why McDonald’s is successful.”

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I believe I was asked this before.
Can’t remember the exact questions. I think it’s just a way to get you to think, from a different perspective(ish) how business and products are formed. Most people think of it from the beginning. For example, “I want to start a business, first I would need to find a product, then a way to fund that product…” etc. lots of people can get stuck doing that and by taking a product that already exists and breaking it down starting from it already being developed can help you not get stuck and/or come up with a better plan.

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The next time you go to McDonald’s, order a plain burger without anything to hide the taste of the actual burger. Don’t put anything on it. To get in the proper frame of mind, squeeze the burger and watch the grease pour out. Take the burger out of the bun. Cut off a small piece and chew it very carefully. If this triggers a gag reaction, I think you have the answer to your question. I personally think the burgers are disgusting.

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They’re just hamburger. Like the kind you make at home only mass produced.

A lady opened up a restaurant here in town based on her lasagna. She offered other things, steaks, sandwiches, etc.,but she really expected to make it on the strength of her lasagna. She didn’t last 3 months.

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let me guess, all the other stuff sucked?

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What did the star wars fan say to the university professor before he killed him?
You have failed me for the last time.

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@raginglol Let’s remember you liked “Howard The Duck” more that “The Dark Knight”.

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No, it wasn’t bad @ragingloli. She was just clueless about running a business.

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Yes, practically anyone can. McDonald’s food is inedible.

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