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And now for something completely different - Have you had success freezing pizza shop pizza?

Asked by janbb (59207points) February 10th, 2018

I want to get a pizza for dinner and am going away soon. As mentioned before, I can only eat 3 small slices. I usually reheat the rest during the next few days but this time would like to freeze it. Any tips on wrapping and reheating frozen “fresh” pizza?

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Wrap in aluminum foil or stack in a plastic container with baking paper between layers. Reheat in an oven (not too hot, and it’s better if you thaw it first).

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Ziplock freezer bag, suck the air out prior to sealing, one piece per bag. It’s never quite as good as fresh, but it’s still pretty yummy.
I can even microwave it from frozen and it’s OK.

But then, I’m near New Haven, all of our pizza is outstanding. :-D

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@canidmajor Hey! I’m a Jersey girl. You want to talk good pizza – faggedaboutit!

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^Backyard brawl of the pizza’s.

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Hahaha @janbb, I know! I think my point was that as long as it’s not dominos or Pizza Hut you’ll do fine!!!

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sorry to disappoint, @chyna, no brawl here!!! :-D

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Now I want us to have a pizza party!

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I’m in!

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I’ll bring some real pizza from Chicago. :D

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@Aethelwine We can have a pizza smack-down party!

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I belch in anticipation!!!

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Reheat in a frying pan with a lid. Or a heated dutch oven on the stove top again with lid on.

The crust wont get soggy like in a microwave.

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I have done it. The quality is not exactly the same, when you reheat it, but if you just wrap the fresh pizza in foil, and a freezer bag, you can reheat the pizza in the oven, and it still tastes delicious, it’s just a little crispier, which is not a bad thing at all.

I love pizza, so it would be really hard to mess it up for me. I even like cold, refrigerated pizza with congealed cheese the next day. It’s all good.

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We use a ziplock, and it works great.

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If it’s already cooked, put in in plastic or foil and then put in an air-tight container. Heat on 220 in the oven in an open pan…...............never microwave pizza….that’s equivalent to murder.

My Italian friends say the only way to reheat it is in an iron skillet, but I prefer the oven method.

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