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How do I make my pizza golden brown without burning the toppings?

Asked by Zone36 (413points) March 8th, 2010

These are limitations and I’m just going to have to deal with them.

Small convection oven.

I’m usually baking my pizza at 425 to 450F.

I bake the pizza on a heavy ceramic dish. It gets pretty hot in the oven. Once it’s preheated I can splash water on it and it quickly sizzles away.

Here’s the dilemma. I’d like a golden ring of crust around the pizza AND/OR at least a nice crispy bottom to go with the chewy top. The problem is by the time crust gets like this the top is all burnt. I’ve tried lower and slower, but I think just being a smaller oven puts the top too close in the vicinity of the top elements. Even on the bottom rack.

I’ve tried buttering and oiling the crust, but it just seems to get absorbed. I’ve also tried covering the top with foil, but the intense heat gets to it before it gets to the crust.

Here is what I currently do. I cook it until the top is done. Then I finish the bottom on a hot pan in the stove. It works, but it feels like an unnecessary step.

What ADJUSTMENTS could I make to accomplish this? Is there anything that would be laying around my apartment that I’m over looking?

In the ending the pizza I am making is already good, but I’m just trying to take it to the next level.

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You need a real oven. Otherwise, you’ll have to keep doing the hot plate trick. I feel for ya, though. I’ve been in the same situation (no real oven) and it sucks. At least you’re able to achieve the desired results.

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Get rid of the dish and use a thin metal pan, you can go back to the dish when you get a real oven.

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Cover the top with a foil tent until the desired crust is achieved.

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@njnyjobs That wouldn’t do anything…

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@OperativeQ it would make a difference if your foil is fashioned like a tent and not covering the whole pizza flatly.

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If it isn’t a frozen pizza I would recommend putting the toppings underneath the cheese or adding the toppings half-way through the cooking process.

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You’re oven is too hot. Cook it at 350 F. Use a large metal pan with holes in it if you don’t have brick oven or a pizza oven
I’m from NY..fugettaboutit

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I always put the oven on wind and then on 200 degrees or something ;)

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I would try cooking it without the dish, just put the pizza directly on the oven shelf, and put a tray on the bottom of the oven to catch any drops of melted cheese. Also turn the oven down and cook it for longer.

If you are making home-made pizza, put the toppings on before the cheese. The cheese will protect them from burning.

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