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How complicated is gretting rid of black mold in a home?

Asked by bbgorman (13points) February 13th, 2018

Should we empty our house possessions before trying to remove mold from the inside of our ceilings and walls?

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Have it done by certified professionals, your house possessions may already have the mold. Each piece may need to be inspected.

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With that much mold I would have a mold remediation company come in and guide you on what needs done. Let them remove the mold. It will be pricey but it’s worth it to not have it adversely affect your health.

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As above if extensive and if fairly localized Here is a website to give you some ideas.

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@bbgorman IMHO it’s quite difficult and can be very dangerous due to the toxicity. You need professionals if even they can. Health risks may not be worth it depending on where/how much you have. There can be brain damage, and I believe breathing problems neither of which might go away. It can be quite invasive. (your posessions).

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Cover everything and hire a contractor to hang all new sheet rock. It’s the only sure way to get rid of all. You will find more behind the sheet rock that will have to be killed. It’s a pain but you have to get rid of it and then maintain a safe humidity level in the house.

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