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Has anyone been to Lethbridge, Alberta?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13218points) February 20th, 2018

Or the University of Lethbridge? Would I be happy living in Lethbridge without a car? I looked up some YouTube videos of it and it looks to be mostly country roads leading to nowhere. I have $1,500 a month to live off of with room board, and tuition for philosophy and open studies. Is that enough money to live off of? I am 40 years old and living on campus might not be an option. It is possible that I could take graduate studies in philosophy in the future at U of L after taking Bachelor arts in philosophy starting from first year. I don’t have to go full time if that saves money in tuition and fees.

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This is something only you can answer, not us on Fluther.

We can’t answer if you can afford it, because you might be eligible for financial assistance. But you would have to figure that out your self.

Tuition and fees and books are estimated at $7,500 a year. That leaves you $10,500 a year to live on for rent, food, clothing, incidentals

If you really want to do this, it is well within the realm of possibilities. It will take work and sustained effort.

Are you ready to do that?

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I have hauled in and out of Lethbridge ALB.
it’s a good size town but it is way down there on it’s own, not driving it puts you in a disadvantage unlike Reddeer you have Edmonton very close by I can’t tell you anything else about the city.

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