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What are you trying to accompish right now?

Asked by Carla (533points) August 15th, 2008
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Get off computer and make supper.

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finishing my summer reading :/

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what are you reading?

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working on editing photos for my blog. And just posted a couple.

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wilhem;This is a site guaranteed to produce insomnia. Hit the computer “sleep” button and brush your teeth….now…I’m still watching you!

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Right at this very moment, I am trying to catch up with Fluther after not checking it all day!

On a larger scale, I am trying to:
– get a job
– get health insurance
– get back on my medication
– cope with agoraphobia

I also really need to get my butt in gear and have my car title, registration and license plates switched to NY ones. You’re supposed to do that within 30 days of moving and my time is up. That’s my task for Monday. (If I can overcome the agoraphobia enough to force myself out of the house and down to the county building, that is…)

Edit: Oh! Also, I’m dying to go back to college, so that’s another thing I’m trying to accomplish. But the anxiety/depression/agoraphobia stuff needs to be resolved a little bit first.

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MacBean. Columbia/Greene Community College is across the Rip Van Winkle bridge. I have taken courses there; it is a friendly and nice place i to dip your toes in the water. Lots of windows, open-air parking lot and only two floors, if I remember.

And I am still on the computer.

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I’m trying to free up some time to get into GarageBand and flesh out this spoof I wrote for a friend of mine called “God of Propane”. It’s a take on KISS’s God of Thunder. I work 16 hours of overtime each week, and you know how the house always calls for maintenance…

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House maintenance isn’t going anywhere. Have fun tonight.

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Lord of the Flies and Heart of Darkness, not as bad as other book i have read for school in the past, and not long so i shouldnt be complaining

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Thanx for the license, gail. I’ll tell my wife a fellow flutherer said I can play on the computer!

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@Strat: anonymously, please.

@aisyna: Two interesting books. You will enjoy them much more when you reread them after you turn 30, I promise you.

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ha I lord of the flies reminds me a lot of lost

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I think I’m trying to do too many things right now. I’m trying to accomplish being successful in my job ( so far so good) and I’m trying to get ready for my senior year of high school but also keeping college in mind. Also my speech tournament season starts soon and in still not sure of what my topic is going to be.

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@gail—That’s where I started out after high school and that’s where I plan on going when I give it a shot again. :D

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@Mac: Try to get out a little, every day…since you seem to be off medication (due to lack of insurance?) it’d be easy to backslide if you stay in too much. I’m rooting for you, for all your goals.

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@augustian—Thanks for the encouragement. :D At my lowest point, I would sometimes stay inside for months. Literally. I wouldn’t even walk across the road to the mailbox. But on my last birthday, I started doing the 101 Things To Do in 1001 Days Project and I set some repeating goals (do [x] at least once a week for the entire 1001 days) that require me to leave the house, so now I get out at least twice a week for a little while. It’s slow progress, but it is progress.

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Good for you MacBean! I feel your pain. I think if I were housebound for long enough, I’d probably become agrophobic. In high school I was housebound for 3 months for medical reasons and when I returned to school I panicked daily…too loud, too many people. I ended up dropping out. It’s a good thing I have kids, as they require me to leave the house on a regular basis.

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After that, edit my 500+ pics from my travels, update various websites, write a travel-log/social commentary on my observations, get back to work on Monday, read this book I picked up back home on Faroese visual arts, prepare for college starting again next month…

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Build an old-style French bar.

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Trying to accomplish a budget! lol
Just got back from a vacation and had a $1000 car repair! Jeez…lol

Taxes coming….this girls gotta go on a strict dollar diet for awhile! haha

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