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I’m aware many of the perpetrators are already suicidal…

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I’d ship them to some place very inhospitable – like the middle of the Gobi desert, or the Empty Quarter in Saudi Arabia, or maybe some place like Sana, Yemen.

No food, no money, only the clothes on their bank.

Leave them there to die.

Jail is too good for them.

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I don’t see how threatening a suicidal person with punishment could ever be effective…

If it’s some form of torture, they’re just going to ensure they don’t survive. I can’t see how we could legally impose penalties on other people, like your family will get executed if you commit a shooting, and for some of these pricks, they may actually want that to happen.

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Threaten them with life if they are suicidal.

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No. Most “punishments” don’t work very well at deterring behavior. People who are ruminating on committing violence are not contemplating the punishment.

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Possibly. Death rendered immediately by other armed individuals. The delayed punishments don’t seem to be doing anything.

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You can’t punish someone so desperate, abused, bullied, mentally ill or just plain evil. If they’re in such a state as to do these things there is nothing worse that they can experience. We can only engineer controls against it be that physical or social.

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Public executions instead of attention.

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How about getting Tasered publicly, once per victim that was shot. That might convince copycatters that infamy is not as cool as they thought it might be.

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NO, because they don’t think they’re going to get caught…so they don’t consider being punished until AFTER the fact!!!

Look at the Middle East countries where they cut off hands for stealing. There are many with only one hand & just as many with NO hands!!!

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