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Which US medical schools should I consider? ·?

Asked by sheila94 (32points) March 12th, 2018

Which US medical schools should I consider? I’m a Canadian student with a 3.92GPA, 3.9 science GPA, 515 MCAT, 96 volunteer hours at a hospital, 1+ year volunteer at a homeless shelter, I led a fundraising event for a Jamaican community in poverty.

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What part of the US do you like? What’s your favorite weather? What languages do you speak? Any idea what you want to specialize in? Do you like big cities or small towns?

There are literally HUNDREDS of med schools all over the fifty-one states. Help us focus.

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It is my understanding that you take the MCATs and list schools you are interested in and then, depending on your qualifications and MCAT scores you will be matched with one. I don’t know if there’s anyone here who can tell you where you will get in. Perhaps the advising department at your university can advise you best.

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I would say pretty much all of them. The paper is all that is important.

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MUSC. Charleston SC. It’s a great school, in a great city.

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Washington University School of Medicine, in St. Louis, MO.

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US News and World Report Magazine Publishes a Yearly Ranking of 100 Top US Medical Schools. Search 3–5 years in back issues and see if a particular school You are interested in Maintained its Ranking for those years. This is a good starting point.
Remember, regardless of what Medical School You Choose, the only thing that can hold You back is You. Best Wishes!

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As you may already know Harvard usually stands as the first choice and you certainly meet the requirements for a full scholarship. I am sure you will be accepted at most well known Universities. A more important question is what specialty do you want to specialize in and what State would you prefer to live while you are studying there. Take into consideration the recent weather changes. However, I believe you are used to the cold coming from Canada.
This site lists the top medical schools in the US
On the other hand, here are 4 Factors Prospective Medical School Students Overlook according to the US News article you see here:
The Internet has certainly ease the way we can do research nowadays.
Good luck in your search!

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