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What are the best and worst months/seasons for a wedding?

Asked by Yellowdog (12183points) March 15th, 2018

I served as a church pastor in the early 2000’s and it seemed everyone I married wanted their weddings in the middle of June.

I lived in north Alabama and west Tennessee at the time(s) and I remember how impossible it was to cool down the churches and halls where the weddings took place. There was humidity and sweat even in somewhat air conditioned rooms. The heat and light were unbearable.

I always thought the best time would be late Winter or early Spring—things are spare and pure and cool—and sunlight is returning to a recently winter-dark world. Flowers are natural but still rare enough to stand out. Where I live, this would be February or early March. Everything, especially the low but intense sunlight, is beautiful and pensive, and we are approaching Spring.

Winter weddings, like in the song Winter Wonderland, are special, too—things are cold and dark and a Wedding hall can really look festive around Christmas and in the season directly after.

Most people like April and May because Springtime has arrived in full and there are plenty of flowers and their fragrances—things that happen only once a year—and the season somehow seems clean and more sensual, like young love.

Fall is good snuggling weather, when you can first have a fire and dark nights, but I’ve never experienced a wedding in the fall.

Any thoughts?

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As a cake decorator, I hated Christmas season for weddings. People wanted to go with red and green, and a true, bright red is very difficult to do in icing, and when you get it, it tastes awful because you have to use such large amounts of the coloring. Paste must be used, because liquid coloring in that amount makes the icing too runny to work with.
Something about the red, it fades, starting from the moment it is mixed. It doesn’t take long to become pink.
From the viewpoint of a cake decorator, and just from personal tastes, I love autumn weddings. There are fabulous colors to work with. There are lots of great places to honeymoon that time of year. Right after the honeymoon you get to face all these great holidays for the first time as a couple.
June is just too cliche for me.
I think the biggest draw there is if you have lots of family coming they can take vacation time to attend, but that messes things up for those who had special vacation plans already set.
Winter travel delays is another reason to not be thrilled over weddings in Christmas time.

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Any time of the year can be a great time for a wedding except as you say, in the heat of the late spring or full summer. I think it really depends on the preferences of the couple and on the ease of people to travel at that time of year if they have to come from a distance. I would avoid holiday weekends.

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For the men, anything cool, or cold. Anything hot, and you’re being a jerk to the men who have to wear ridiculous suits. Summer weddings are cruel.

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I like autumn weddings, partly because of the wonderful colours people use as their theme.

Dislike summer weddings as everyone gets all sweaty. Men in formal dress with gloves is ridiculous in summer. Also BUGS !!! in late spring/early summer are such an annoyance. I was in one wedding party where the women look annoyed in all the photos as we were fighting off the mosquitoes that were after our exposed backs. Awful.

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I picked early March, because it’s usually perfect weather in South Florida, and my friends and family coming from up north could escape the cold weather. Basically, it’s the equivalent of late spring weather up north. 75–85 during the day, 60–70 at night. Sunshine, blue skies, low humidity.

Mostly, I chose that date for my guests who would be traveling. I actually waited to take my honeymoon, because March is a very busy time at work. Sometimes I think I should have been more selfish about it

I think there is no best time, it’s simply up to the couple. They should keep in mind how upset they will be if something goes wrong. A wedding two weeks before mine at the same hotel had half the guests not able to attend, because a winter storm prevented them from flying down. If that will really upset you, maybe don’t choose a winter month. If you want an outside wedding and reception, don’t choose the rainiest month, or the hottest one.

If you have a lot of out of town guests, rethink a holiday wedding. Ok, maybe they have the time off, but are the flights and hotels double the price?

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Best? The fall. The days are still warm, not hot, and it doesn’t rain as much as it the spring.

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I think the best is fall. It’s a colorful time of year and you have a better chance at having comfortable weather. I was married on April 4 and was determined to have an outside wedding. I got my wish but it was only in the low 50s. Everyone froze. If I could do it over again I would have chosen fall.

Our anniversary often falls during Spring Break. We’ve also had to share our anniversary with Easter. I’d like an anniversary that is separate from holidays.

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