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Follow-up to my question on postage stamps: are cancelled stamps totally worthless?

Asked by 2davidc8 (9218points) March 15th, 2018

Judging from the answers I got from my earlier question, I gather that stamps in mint condition are what people want. Can it be said that cancelled stamps are not worth much?
What about cancelled stamps from the 1950’s or 60’s? Foreign stamps from the same era?
The reason I ask is that I’ve been going through my parents’ stuff and there are lot of these.

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Certain stamps with a “limited” cancellation maybe worth more especially if they are on the original envelope. Also Valentine day (or other dates) cancellation like from Loving, NM or these maybe worth more.
There is no “all cancelled stamps or old stamps are worthless” (price of postage) Also stamps on full sheets from 40 years or more years ago may bring a higher price then each individual added together for the number of stamps on the sheet.
There are books and magazine for tips and price guidance. Some are available at the library.

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There are also people who just like old interesting stamps and may pay something for them out of interest, especially if you present them nicely. There are shops that sell such things – it’s just not the same kind of market valuation that collectors use.

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Mint stamps before 1970 are not all that common, so a collector will acquire cancelled stamps. There are some cancelled stamps from then that are not worth much at all, but others that are relatively rare.

Some foreign stamps are too common; others are relatively rare. Got any from Tanganyika? Zanzibar? Bolivia? All relatively rare.

As with mint stamps, best to take to a stamp dealer who can evaluate the collection for value.

And go to at least two dealers.

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