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Does anybody else on here collect stamps?

Asked by LifeQuestioner (3773points) March 10th, 2023

When I was maybe about 10 or 11 years old, I remember buying a relatively simple, softback stamp album for beginners. That was at Toys r Us for those of you familiar with that store. I also bought some sets of stamps, one a general mixture, and also a horse set because as a young girl I was in love with horses.

Eventually, my dad passed on his stamp collection because he wasn’t working on it anymore. He had inherited it from his mother, my grandmother, when I presume she got tired of it. There were two fairly big binders, and if I remember correctly, one was for US stamps and the other for world stamps.

I kept it and worked on it until maybe about 25 to 30 years ago, so I had it for quite some time. Finally, I lost interest for the most part, some of which was due to the fact that when I inherited it from my father, there were a lot of loose stamps and I was just overwhelmed with trying to get it organized. And don’t worry, I didn’t just throw it out. I gave it to a friend who liked collecting stamps. I’ve lost touch with her over the years, but I hope she either kept it up or passed it on to somebody else who was an avid collector.

Well, for whatever reason, the other day I was thinking back on how I had used to enjoy collecting stamps, and I bought a pretty decent beginner’s album for US stamps. Well, now I’m hooked! I have a sort of beginner’s album for world stamps on the way, and I’m already looking at a more complete US album that has the first 50 years or so of stamps. I’m finding out that if I let myself, I could spend a lot of money on my collection, but I really hope to slow down a little and then spend it gradually. So I was just wondering if anybody else was into this or maybe it’s a dying interest?

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My grandpa did. I don’t know if he still does.

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