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Have you heard of 'pouring one' for a deceased friend?

Asked by KNOWITALL (19017points) March 18th, 2018

As when someone passes and you pour a shot on the grave, or drink one ‘to them’.

A friend posted online and it doesn’t seem like everyone grew up with this like I did.

There’s also ‘one for my homeys’ on youtube which refers to gang culture.

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I’ve done it once. A good friend of mine passed a couple of years ago. Another friend called to tell me that she had died, and we both did a tequila shot in her honor while on the phone. (She loved tequila which is why the beverage choice.)

I’ve heard of both of your examples prior to this. If the person had a favorite drink, I like the idea of having one of those in their name.

In my case, people will be eating a peanut doughnut if they really want to mark my passing.

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It’s pretty common, and goes back to ancient times. The technical term for it is “libations,” and there are references to it all over the place in ancient Greek and Egyptian writings. It even appears in the Bible.

“One for my homies” comes from black culture, by the way, not gangster culture. You do understand the difference, don’t you?

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I’ve heard of pouring one for a friend who has passed away.

Alcoholic culture. Lol. People who love to drink will drink for any reason they can find.

Although, I don’t really feel only alcoholics do it. Alcohol is used to honor people. A toast at a wedding is in the couples honor. If it was a friend who you had good times with that included alcohol, it seems appropriate to have a drink too.

Plus, during a time of mourning a drink might help with the sudden shock of the death.

It doesn’t seem unusual to have a drink in this sort of circumstance.

I can’t jmagine anyone in my family saying it. I can imagine some of my friends, simply because they are bigger on the whole drinking thing. They also come from stereotypical drinking culture. I have a lot of friends who don’t drink, or very rarely drink.

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Yes I have heard of it, more than a few times, and participated a few times.
Recently a cousin-in-law died, and his sons encouraged everyone at the funeral dinner, to have a beer in their father’s honor. The deceased’s sister who really doesn’t drink, raised a glass of beer, as did I. Neither of us finished the drink, (I don’t like beer) but we did drink some in honor of her brother.

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Four brothers used to celebrate their parents’ wedding anniversary even after the parents had both died, and even after the brothers had also separated. They’d each go to a local pub and order four drinks, one for the brother who was present, and one for each of the other brothers.

One year, one of the brothers went to his local and ordered only three pints. The barman, who knew the custom, delivered the drinks and guessed what had happened. “Did one o’ye brothers pass on, lad? Tis sorry I am to hear it.”

“Ah, no sir. Me brothers is all well and fine. I’ve just given up the drinking.”

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Common practice, in my culture.

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Sure, it was a joke. Yep.

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@Call_Me_Jay Did you see the video dingus?

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