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Do you or someone you know have butterfingers?

Asked by imrainmaker (8339points) April 11th, 2018

Any funny incident that you can recall due to this?

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I have a muscle rigidity problem.
I have dumped more Beefaroni on the kitchen floor. What a mess to clean up.
Somedays it seems like I am one of those wobble guys they put in front of car dealerships, with arms flopping wherever and knocking things over all day.

I suppose the best visual I can give you is when I am in the shower, holding on to the handicap rail for dear life, and drop the hand held showerhead. Me trying not to fall, grabbing around with my one free hand to gain control of a showerhead that is flopping around like an epileptic snake.

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^That’s tough! When I asked this question I wasn’t thinking of medical condition as the root cause. Many of us have tendency to drop things without any particular reason (including me!!) which was on my mind when I asked this. I wouldn’t have added ‘funny’ otherwise. Sorry if this has hurt you in any way knowingly / unknowingly!!

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No harm. I have come to notice better when my dropsie periods are. Stuff still happens, and I get frustrated at times, but sometimes I just watch what is happening, and think this must be why toddlers have so many accidents, because they don’t feel the muscles doing wrong.
I do laugh at some of my oops moments, more often than I cry over them.
I’m sorry my post made you feel guilt. Please let your mind be at ease.
The very most important thing about living with disabilities is being able to find amusement.

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