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What is the lj-toys link in many youtube videos?

Asked by Phillyzero (129points) August 16th, 2008

Under a number of varied youtube videos in the “statistics & data” box, sites linking to the video often contain urls from lj-toys.

However, if I click on the link almost ALWAYS the link doesn’t work…so what is lj-toys, I’m assuming it’s livejournal, but how come the sites never work for me?

Example site:

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I don’t have a clue, but I do find this fascinating. I came across you asking this question by googling it (I did come across a website traffic analysis form, that has been of no assistance) and came up blank. What I have found, as a recent trend of many high bandwidth websites, even free ones, that the internet appears to become more privatized. Examples of this has got to be like,, or, where it’s either email confirmation only, or by recommendation only. Another explanation could quite possibly be is that this link is just a “slave” link, where the actual site is exclusive to those that can track it down, and the link basically serves for the links they put on the site (I’ve seen linked to somehow)

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