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When both/all choices are equally good or bad, how do you make a decision?

Asked by flyawayxxballoon (1352points) August 16th, 2008

And I don’t mean “eanie-meanie-miny-moe” or flipping a coin. I’m extremely indecisive, and if I try these types of methods, I’m never happy with the outcome. I’ll do it over and over again until I get the other outcome(s), and then I won’t be happy with that answer, either. What would you do?

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First, you tell yourself that once you reach a decision, you are going to honor your process and not second guess yourself. All of the regret is wasted energy.

If things seem equal in the present, try casting out into the future. If you look a year down the road, does one decision have the potential to lead to better things? Two years? Five years? They are much less likely to be equal on that basis.

If for some reason they are, then ask yourself if you would be equally happy with either choice. If the answer, is yes, pick one and move on.

Good luck.

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ha, damn. i was totally gonna say eanie meanie miny moe…

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What I would do is pretend you chose one, and see how it feels, if it seems like the right decision. You can go from there.

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I made a huge decision based on a coin toss. I decided heads =ed choice X and tails =ed choice Y. Tails came up and that made me realize I really wanted choice X, so I did X.

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@All: As flyaway’s mother, I am here to tell you that none of these methods worked in her recent crisis. The two choices were equally good, today and 5 years into the future. What finally did the trick, after a very rough week of her fretting over the decision, was my telling her she had 15 minutes to decide. If the decision wasn’t made by then, I would make it for her, and she would have to abide by my decision. Cleared it right up! She’s hoping to become less indecisive in the future, as I won’t always be looking over her shoulder. Did anyone have this problem, and overcome it? How?

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I’m still over coming it slowly. I’ve got to decide between maths and computing soon. Although some of the methods mentioned would probably help, so I’ll take heed of what’s said personally and try and see how that helps. As for any advice I have, there is none I can provide sorry. I hope the decision made however was a good one and will be one that flyaway will never regret taking ;)

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Go with the middle one!

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