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Phelps just won his 8th Gold Medal. Reactions?

Asked by eambos (8909points) August 16th, 2008

Did you expect him to achieve this feat/ Are you happy/unhappy/other emotions? What does this mean for the world of sports?

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I just hope he’s gracious. He’s representing us.

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:Pretty amazing and cool.

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@ Megan64 – He has been nothing but so far with out fail. I can’t imagine him not being.

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@ Bri_L – Glad to hear it.

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unbelievable I would break the world record… For the slowest

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I’m sorry, but who’s phelps? what sport?

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I thought it was amazing to see. We’re on Eastern time, so I even let my kids stay up to watch, but my daughter couldn’t hold out.

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It was very exciting to watch and I am proud of him and all of our athletes in Beijing. My 13 year old daughter was having a sleepover last night and she and her friends were in front of the TV screaming and jumping up an down during the entire race. They watched history in swimming that may not be equaled or surpassed for years to come!

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@wilhel1812 swimming worlds fastest

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Ah! and you won? congratulations then!

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