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You're an olympic sprinter & as you approach the finish line destined for gold, what could distract you that would scupper your bid for glory?

Asked by ucme (46356points) July 14th, 2010

Something so shocking/unexpected that you would stop or trip or laugh uncontrollably, dashing all hope of mounting the top step of the podium. Hypothetical of course so be as creative/funny as you wish.

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@ubersiren Hmm, belly interesting.I’m an outie so I guess i’m okay for photo finishes, cracks a cheesy smile.

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Trip on my third leg.

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A camel fucking Jesus.

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@ChazMaz Yeah probably a good idea to avoid the relay then, “that’s not the fucking baton dude!”

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Seeing a snake slither accross the track. A spider running down my cheek. Someone on the side of the track making a loud burp or fart. Some naked person streaking accross the track.

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If my shoes tuned to cacti.

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A big bowl of fresh hot French fries right before the finish line.

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Naked chicks.

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@bob_ Carrying trays of sandwiches?

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All these wonderful things raining down from heaven!

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@janbb Nah, making out.

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@bob_ and THEN carrying a tray of sandwiches afterwards?

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Usain Bolt and Powell sixtyning under the bleachers.

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@NaturallyMe No, and then… you know, let’s skip ahead, but yeah, there’d be sandwiches at some point.

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Make love not sandwiches?

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Know your priorities.

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@ChazMaz true story…when i was in high school running track, this guy’s jock broke running the 100yd dash and it did come out….and the Clarion Ledger had it in their paper! One the coaches’ wives said, “he (the runner) definitely not related to any of my husband’s family!”

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Pooping myself would probably do it…..

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Stage fright.

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one millisecond thought about hot unadulterated uninhibited sex with my girl and envisioning it once i win it all.

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Seeing Sean Hannity and Rachel Maddow locked in a passionate embrace at the finish line.

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Someone mowing down athletes and spectators with automatic machine gun fire.

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@Dr_Lawrence – actually, that’s probably the only good answer yet, hehehe. :)

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