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What are some good ways to get ripped( excersises, food, )

Asked by jdogg (871points) August 16th, 2008 from iPhone

For how long, how often and so on. No steroids.

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crunches are the easiest way to get a great 6 pack. always do in intervals of 3… (i.e. 30 crunches, break for 2 minutes, 30 crunches, break for 2 minutes, 30 crunches, stop)
Do more everyday, like go for 35, then the next day, go for 40; that way your body gets 15 more a day but doesn’t even notice. Also, running is great too. just shed the pounds off, add a little bit to your workout everyday, don’t over exert yourself & you should be @ your goal in no time.
(all at the Y) I ran 3 miles, biked for 25 minutes, and did a few hundred crunches almost every morning (with no diet restrictions) & now I have a nice 6-pack & flab-less legs & arms & it took like a month to do.

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do ” muscle confusion” excercises like they show on those X90 commercials on tv

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Join the Marines.

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@melohhh thanks i can did a total of 135 crunches today in intervals and i run a mile everyday allready but i dont need to lose weight actually im almost underweight i weigh 140 and im 6’00…but thanks for the advice. also how the heck to i get brid of fat legs like there not huge there just out of proportion to my body…

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muscle confusion??

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