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What are the chances that WW3 will start due to Syrian conflict?

Asked by imrainmaker (8339points) April 14th, 2018

A news channel in Russia was reportedly telling people about things to carry in bomb / radiation proof shelters in case of war is started. What do you think are the chances due to ongoing Syrian conflict?

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Totally depends on what if any super power backs Syria, also doesn’t help that ole orange hair doesn’t have a diplomatic bone in his whole body.

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I don’t think anyone really cares enough about Syria to start a major conflict. Russia wants a warm water port in Tartus. Doubt Putin cares enough to start a major conflict about it.

Trump knows there is a pee tape and Russia has it so he won’t do shit.

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Very unlikely. Russia and NATO will only go so far. I would be much more worried if we went to war with North Korea.

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It’s like a coalition force VS Russia chess game. A couple of pawns were just exchanged in Syria. A little pushing and shoving. No big deal.

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Slim to none. If the conflict spills over into Israel the chances are much greater. (still small though)
This round was a good chance for the US, Allies, and Russia to test their various offensive and defensive weapons systems in actual use. Russia had a chance to learn about our missiles’ evasive capabilities, and we learned about their defense systems. This is good data.
Software and hardware will be updated accordingly and will likely be tested again when the updates are rolled out.

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The Russian news agency telling what Americans need to put in their bomb shelters when Russia attacks was over four days ago. Russia knows Americans will panic and cause more civil unrest—they know they can use the American left against Trump, even to the total decimation of the country and immobilizing our ability to attack in a military strike or even defend ourselves. Russia wants America to destroy itself from within and the American Left has done great strides to that end, with its endless anti-Trump propaganda and its working towards a not-so-silent coup / overthrow / impeachemnt

Johnpowell: None of Trump’s interactions with Russia has been favorable for Russia.

The Russian Dossier was bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton as “opposition research.” but was compiled by former British Intelligence agent Christopher Steele to look like a real intelligence document. It was a mixture of fabrication and bought-and-paid-for Russian propaganda used to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on individuals in the Trump campaign.

Although it was supposed to be an authentic, verified document, James Comey told NBC News that he didn’t know if it were verified or not or if the contents were true. Just one of about eight lies or contradictions Comey has told before being fired.,

Anyhow, the U.S. (Trump) acted, France and the U.K was with us, Russia chickened out and did nothing, and the strike was made.

Most of the world stands with us against the use of chemical and biological weapons. Obama told Bashar Hafez al-Assad that there was a red line in the sand and quivered in his boots, maybe even peed in his pants with terror, but issued several more chemical attacks.

Squeeky: regarding Trump’s diplomatic skills: there is a new alliance in the middle east, in North Korea Kim Jong Un is wanting to negotiate disarmament of his nuclear program, and the Chinese trade deals are working.

The U.S. going on with the strike against Assad was effective and Russia did nothing.

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North Korea Kim Jong Un is wanting to negotiate disarmament of his nuclear program BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!

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@Yellowdog :: I don’t watch Fox news… Sooooo. I’m going to ignore you from here on out. Same fucking diff.

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From This news story:

A senior official in a regional alliance that backs Damascus said the Syrian government absorbed the attacks, adding that the targeted sites were evacuated days ago thanks to a warning from Russia.

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Yeah it was pretty much a non issue.

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You don’t HAVE to watch Fox News. Just check the Inspector General’s report out this week.

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@Yellowdog _ “in North Korea Kim Jong Un is wanting to negotiate disarmament of his nuclear program“_

And I’ve got some great oceanfront property in Kazakhstan I’ll sell to you on the cheap.

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Poor Hillary! Even when talking about Syria and the prospect of a Third World War her name has to be dragged into the conversation.

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Burnt my toast this morning… Damn You Clinton!!

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I’ve never heard of Hillary being blamed for anything she didn’t actually do.

However, Hillary blamed her loss of the election on many things: James Comey, the Russians, the F.B.I., the fact that she’s a woman, the fact that in America woman vote the way their husbands, fathers, sons and bosses tell them to, Suburban women, low information voters, Facebook, Twitter, Fake News, “alternate facts”, Obama winning two terms, Vladmir Putin, Misogynists, White Supremacists, bad polling numbers, “content farms in Macedonia, everyone who assumed she’d win and didn’t vote, her own party.

I DO hear Trump blamed on a lot of things that had nothing to do with him. School shootings, Racism (dedication of an MLK memorial is nothing more than an anti-Trump riot), Police Brutality, anti LGBT activity, social injustice (The Ingram Lecture series at Memphis Theological Seminary, and the Lenten series at Calvary Episcopal Church in Memphis were nothing but continual rants about Trump).

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I call bullshit on that @yellowdog. Reps. cannot even speak without bringing up her name and blaming her for everything under the sun. “Ttrump is a crook” “Yeah, well, Hillary is a bigger crook” Trump conspired with the Russians “Yeah, well Hillary did it first” “Trump is a racist” Yeah, well, Hillary is a bigger racist” Bull shit.

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Putting words in someone’s mouth is not much of an argument.

Trump did not collude or conspire with Russians.

Hillary conspired with a foreign national, Christopher Steele, who DID collude with Russians to put together a dossier, submitted in a FISA court as an authentic intelligence document to obtain FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign

The beliefs YOU have about Trump colluding with Russians came from that document. It was Russian propaganda, bought and paid for by Hillary, to obtain a FISA warrant and influence an election.

Admittedly, we had much better relations with Russia when we were under Obama and Hillary was secretary of State, with her Russian Reset and dozens of special deals with Russians, Iranians, Iraq, and North Korea. We have been continually at war with Russia. especially in Syria, since Trump came in office.

Continual references to bull shit may show that you are an angry, passionately emotional individual, but do not strengthen the case you think you are making. I don’t know anyone who still believes in Russian collusion except on Fluther,

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@Yellowdog I know many, many people. I suspect our sources of information are vastly different.

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@Yellowdog we run in different crowds evidently. Almost everyone I am associated with thinks that Trump is in the Russians back pocket and conspired with them at every opportunity.
Fun thing about Steele is that he was hired by Republicans, not your favorite nemesis: the Dems took over from the Republicans.
The other fun thing is much of Steeles dossier has been authenticated and it seems that with every passing week more of it is confirmed. Can’t wait to see the movies. The fact that the dossier has been pretty much substantiated made it available as an additional reason to get the warrants necessary for further investigations, far from being the only source as you imply, it was but one of many and used as collaborative intel.

I would say that if you took the time to perhaps look into Mr. Steele, you would find that he is a respected spy/investigator (now) who has many substantiated probes under his belt and because of such is highly respected within the intel community and has been used many times because what information he provides can be counted on as being legitimate.

And, I notice, that once again you fall back on blaming Clinton/Obama for the failings of Trump or rather as an excuse for Trump. I would ask you to give it up but it appears that you cannot mention Trump without mentioning Clinton or Obama so I would just be asking the impossible.

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Information substantiated as true is still legitimate regardless of the original source.

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Don’t underestimate anything or anybody. World War One was started by the assassination of an Austrian Archduke, an offshoot of a local Balkans dispute. I won’t rule anything out. And Golden Boy and (Ras)Putin ain’t the most stable rulers in the world.

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Yeah, and they have friends in the arms business that will get a whole lot richer if a major conflict was to start.
Plus it gets rid of a lot of poor welfare people that are just living off the system.

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One other thing. And believe me I’m no Trump
fan. But if in fact Russia did in fact meddle in the election to favor Trump, what the hell was the point? If anything, relations with Russia have taken a nose dive since Trump took office. If they had felt things might improve with a Trump White House I could see their motive slot better. But it’s not happening.

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@NomoreY_A Not really. Sure, there have been a few sanctions placed on a few individuals but nothing of any serious note. All that has been done, whether in response to their meddling or their involvement in Syria, has been done to minimize its effectiveness while allowing Trump to appear to be doing something. Witness the latest where Haley says more is coming and Trump countermands her. And Russia still has Crimea and is heavily involved in the Ukraine with no visible repercussions.

Overall Trump is still extremely, some would say overly so, deferential to Putin and his desires.

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@rojo Oh yeah? Well, Hillary Billary Dock, Obama ran up the clock. The pussy grabber does no wrong. I see you didn’t get the memo.

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Russian interference to favor Trump is part of a larger goal to undermine the US as a world power, and to undermine faith in western democracy in general. It’s a long game Putin is playing. Since people are so fond of comparing politics to chess, the expulsion of diplomats or possibility of a few sanctions are comparable to sacrificing a piece like a bishop or knight in furtherance of setting up a mating net many moves down the line.

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If I may add, @Darth_Algar Putin is playing chess, the US is playing checkers. (or maybe Snakes and Ladders would be more apropos).

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Hungry Hungry Hippos, I think.

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The Dossier was paid for by Hillary Clinton, who had recently bailed the DNC out of dept (remember when she rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders) through funds channeled through the Seattle law firm Perkins-Coie. Even Comey never said the Republicans paid for it, although McCaine sent someone to Christopher Steele to obtain a copy—that’s probably where the rumor started that the Republicans had a hand in it.

But no, NomoreY is right—Trump has been the most anti-Russian President since Reagan. The Russians had a sweet Uranium deal, “Russian Reset” and several other lucrative perks under Obama / Hillary.

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Actually, the dossier was only partially paid for by Clinton/DNC. When the DNC ceased funding the investigative work being done by Steele one of the co-founders of Fusion GPS (the firm hired by both the Washington Free Beacon, a conservative website, and the DNC) continued funding Steele on his own.
And what is continually ignored is that much of the dossier has been shown to be correct. Do I expect it to be 100% verified? No. It is based on intelligence gathered from several sources, some will be correct, some probably won’t but overall it seems to be holding its own despite the general disavowal coming from Trump Supporters.

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Again, verified information is valid regardless of the source.

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@rojo uh… the game being played is poker.

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But it wasn’t verified.

Even Comey says he doesn’t know if its true.

Much of what it has said about Carter Paige has been debunked.
And, no pee tapes.

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“It was coming from a credible source, someone with a track record, someone who was a credible and respected member of an allied intelligence service during his career,” “It, at its core, was consistent with the other information we’d gathered during the intelligence investigation,” he said of the dossier. What Comey DID say about Steele and the Dossier. This was from his latest interview last week.

This was from a Red State article about Comey’s Senate testimony where Republican sources “claimed” he had said the whole dossier was “salacious and unverified”:

“I watched Comey’s testimony shortly after he gave it, and did not remember Comey dismissing the entire dossier as “salacious and unverified.” Instead, I recalled Comey applying that label to certain material that he had briefed the President about on January 6 — obviously a reference to the salacious and unverified allegations about Trump having Russian prostitutes pee on a bed in a hotel room.

I read the transcript again last night to confirm my memory, and indeed that is what happened. In fact, Comey was specifically asked whether the FBI had confirmed any criminal allegations in the dossier, and he refused to answer the question in an open setting”.

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