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Can anyone answer a question about the storyline of the Kolchak the Night Stalker T.V. series?

Asked by Yellowdog (12183points) April 14th, 2018

An investigative reporter is an excellent choice for an investigator in a horror series. It is only natural that an investigative reporter would be inquisitive about what is really going on, and could uncover some extremely bizarre stuff (if it existed).

Furthermore, a reporter would have excellent writing skills and give some setting and background, and would explore many trails of research.

My question is, who or what medium is he writing his memoirs to? Surely the stories which make up the series are not written for the newspaper he works for.

It would seem that what he uncovers would remain secret or not believed. I doubt Kolchak’s boss would tolerate many weird stories.

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As I recall, he was a newspaper reporter for a Seattle paper.

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Wow. That was a long time ago. All I remember is there was an episode about some killer in the sewers, thought to be a giant gator.

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I came across the following on the Internet. It sounds like a good series I wonder if any episodes are on YouTube?

Carl Kolchak was a reporter for Chicago’s Independent News Service, and a trouble magnet for situations involving the supernatural. Kolchak turned his investigative skills to vampires, werewolves, zombies and all manner of legendary creatures, but in the end he always failed to convince his skeptical editor, Tony Vincenzo, that the stories weren’t products of Kolchak’s own overworked imagination. Written by Marg Baskin.

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I don’t know that they ever actually said what medium he was writing for. I believe what we were seeing was a visualization of his reporter notes. It was written in an epistolary form where he is listing dates and times and his own views of what happened.

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I always assumed that he freelanced the “memoirs” of his investigations for sale to tabloids hungry for sensationalist fare to drive up circulation.

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