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I have a black discoloration on the left corner of my bottom lip. It doesn't itch but it burns alot. It feels swollen but it's not. The discoloration has been there for about 1 year and the burning has been there for 2 months and seems internal with no physical signs of a blister. I've been on Lipitor and Toprol for over 5 years. I don't know if this could be a side effect. Any ideas/suggestions? I am 53 years old.

Asked by CelticsFan (140points) August 14th, 2008

burning discomfort and discoloration, no physical sign of blister

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Some sort of infection. Go to the doctor and get it biopsied.

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Don’t know what it is but go to the doc.

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Where’s shiolo??

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Go to the doctor and get it checked out…could be something serious.

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This is a VERY common place for skin cancer. Please go to your doctor. If he say’s it’s nothing then ask for a dermatoligist opinion. this is absoluitly nothing to mess around with. Please let us know what the doctor says. You can not wait anoteher day. Waiting a year could already be dangerous.
Look at the chart on this page:
and here

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Why would you wait this long?

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Sorry about all my spelling errors. Usually I spell check but I was so concerned I just sent it and never looked back sorry!

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@Judi: Better to have a quick and correct answer, than a perfectly spelled one :)

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Hello everyone and thank you for your ever-so-helpful responses…just wanted to update you guys…this is actually not be but my father…I’ve described to you what he’s been going through…We just came back from vacation and he has not had the time to get his lip checked out…The discoloration has spread and is almost covering his whole bottom lip…in addition, I saw what appears to be a blister on his upper lip…quite frankly, I’m getting scared….I set something up for him to get checked out I just hope he follows through but he’s the type of guy who worries alot about his family and future. His job is very stressful, he’s a director for a popular retail company…somebody give me some advice please, I dont want to lose my father. He also has made it known that his face itches from time to time and the blistered feeling in his bottom lip still exists with no sign of abrasion and the whole bottom lip is turning black…PLEASE HELP!!

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I know a young mother in her 20’s who had a simple skin cancer. It has now spread to her lungs (it’s inoperable) and the prognosis is not good. You are right to be scared. Get him to a dermatologist NOW. It is better to find out that it was nothing than it is to find out to late.

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Any follow-up on this celticsfan?? It says the question was asked 3 months ago??

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