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Did I just invent a new breakfast food flavor?

Asked by LuckyGuy (43812points) April 27th, 2018

I’m on a no fiber, liquid diet that includes cooked cereal, cream of wheat, grits, yogurts, Kefir, and milk products that are liquid at body temperature, and strained vegetable soups and juices.
I’m finding it difficult to maintain my usual caloric intake so I’m adding sugars and fats wherever I can.

Yesterday I made grits for breakfast. After it was ready, I mixed in about 0.5 grams (~¼ tsp) of instant espresso crystals, and a big dollop (35 grams) of Mr’s Richardson’s hot fudge ice cream topping. I microwaved the cereal for an extra 30 seconds and stirred it up.
The grits are 100 calories. The topping is 140 calories. Total 240 calories , ( 60 cal from fat.)

It was delicious with hints of mocha, chocolate and caffeine!
I think this should be a flavor!
Would you eat it?

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Eh, I prefer Bockwurst.

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I’d go for coffee ice cream instead.

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Or a nice Schnitzel with Kartoffelsalat.

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Well, it isn’t a new flavor, there are lots of mocha and chocolate concoctions out there. But made with the grits is certainly new!

What is the protein level of your mix? That could be what convinces people to drink it!

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@ragingloli Hmmm… I wonder if I can puree a schnitzel. Maybe with some Kefir? The blender is ready!

@zenvelo. From the packages: The serving of grits has 2g of protein, The chocolate has 1 g. Total: 3g protein

@CWOTUS I’ve been eating ice cream for lunch.

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@LuckyGuy – while I congratulate you on your inventiveness, I doubt it has much commercial appeal.

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I’ll eat 2 or 3 of those! Whatchamacallits.

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@LuckyGuy Is your no fiber liquid diet a temporary thing?

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I would be willing to taste mocha grits.

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Wait wait. I missed something. I thought you were back to regular foods? And I thought that the lack of fiber was what caused all the problems in the first place….?

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@si3tech This is temporary until it heals. The doc wants me to stay on liquid diet until Mondya and then slowly bridge to solid food.

@Dutchess_III I was back on regular food but on Friday the 13th I started to hurt again. Something happened down there. I went back to the doc and they started me on another 10 day course of antibiotics which finished yesterday.
I had a CT scan yesterday and it showed no perforation or abscess. That is good news. Why is it hurting? That is the unknown. I will take it easy and expect it to get better. .

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Please stay in touch. I just saw your FB update.

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