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Truthfully when in public do you respect having to wear a mask and social distancing?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20069points) 1 week ago

Or do you think to heck with it, I don’t have C-19 I don’t have to follow those rules.
One more thing as much as every last one of us want things back to normal what in your opinion is that going to take?

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Good to know @si3tech and what in your opinion is it going to take to put C-19 behind us for good?

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I always wear a mask in public. And I do my best to stay distant if possible. I have received two doses of vaccination.

California is close to getting “back to normal”, but I think masks are here to stay. California has the lowest case rate in the 48 conterminous states, estimates are that we will be wide open again by mid June.

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Sure. It’s the polite thing to do.

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Yes, because I try not to be a selfish prick.

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I went to the grocery store today and put on my mask as I entered the store. Most of the customers were masked, I was happy to see, and, of course, the workers were all masked. The store seemed warmer than usual today so the mask wasn’t as comfortable as I’ve gotten with them but it wasn’t a burden. The people who refuse to wear a mask or social distance are the ones who are slowing recovery down and, yes, I know many have legit reasons for not masking up. For instance, my neighbor has severe allergies and under her doctor’s advice hasn’t gotten the vaccine yet. She’s leaning toward getting it, however. Probably my most famous “neighbor”, Sarah Palin, and some of her family members have been diagnosed as covid positive, I’ll note.

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Most of the time, yes. Sometimes I forget with neighbors or friends.

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@zenvelo LOL I learned something today. In my mind I was correcting you and thinking ‘no, it’s contiguous’, but then I looked up ‘conterminous’ and discovered a new word! >}8^)

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I try hard to always wear the mask in public. But over the past week, the wife has been insisting that I tag along on her many rounds. And on nearly all of them, the first time I hop out of the car, I forget the mask and must return to the car to fetch it.

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When that happens I just try to hold my breath.

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Yesterday the wife dumped me at the pharmacy to circle the block while I went in to fetch. I was standing at the counter bare faced but oblivious when the pharmacist offered me a mask. Embarrassing. I now plan to keep one in my pocket,

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Absolutely. I have no problem masking and distancing.

If I am in a group where we all are vaccinated and are all comfortable unmasking and keeping normal distances then I’m fine with that, but we check with each other that everyone is comfortable.

Outside almost no one wears a mask where I live, so people distance if they want to. Some people wear a mask if they want an extra measure of protection.

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Here in NYS you have to wear a mask in public places like stores or office buildings. I have no problem with it. Outside, it’s optional unless you can’t keep a distance from people.

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Wearing a mask and social distancing myself were never big psychological issues for me. The least I could do to protect others and myself as well. I don’t freak out when latest science data shows some earlier preventive methods didn’t make any difference.

What freaks me out are people who turn a real pandemic into a political issue, violation of their civil liberties etc.

No one enjoyed any of this mask wearing, disinfecting and social distancing.

Back to normal…when Covid itself and all its variants out
there had been suppressed with enough vaccines easily available in every part of the globe.

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I would lie if I said no.

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Yes. Now that I’ve had both shots it is a sign of solidarity. It also helps put others at ease.

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I don’t wear a face mask when I’m walking Sadie. We’re outdoors and, if I encounter anyone on the sidewalk, we give each other a wide berth when passing (at least 10’).

I don’t wear a face mask during my 5X-per-week Spin classes. The classes are held outdoors, and the bikes are located 12’ apart.

Otherwise, I use a mask in every public place while observing social distancing. I fully respect the protocols and don’t wish to be infected by, or infect, anyone. Masks are common sense, not arbitrary assaults on anyone’s rights.

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Yes, I don’t have a problem wearing a mask or keeping distance.

I see the pandemic fading as the population becomes mostly vaccinated. Though if it mutates enough or there are newer such diseases, we may need to do it again.

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No I don’t care for masks and social distancing.

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Oh you don’t care for it @KRD? What an utterly selfish comment.

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Ya, I do. Masks are pretty easy. My wee ones do an excellent job, too. Distancing is more of a dance. Its almost impossible to do right all the time, so limit your time in danger zones and imagine everyone has an inflated personal space bubble you dont want to invade.

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I can eyeball 6 feet now!

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@KRD What exactly does that mean? So if I take a step back to distance from you, are you going to take a step forward to preserve the more natural distance people used to use?

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I do.

I was already a socially distancing germaphobe before the pandemic.

I’ve been wearing masks for different reasons since October, 2004. Consequently, I’ve had a supply of N95 masks for about 10 years.

I respect disease-control science and authority.
I’ve received both doses of Pfizer and will be fully-immunized on May 5.
However, I’ll continue to wear a mask in public at least until herd immunity has been determined.

I think the right to life of people who are trying to avoid Covid, vastly supersedes the “liberty” of anti-mask sociopaths to infect other people.

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I wear one indoors and, if I am near people, outdoors, too. Almost every where I go, everyone does.

This week I was at a car dealership and they were lax. Some employees had no masks and some didn’t cover their noses. It was noticeable because it’s so rare around me.

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I am really, really surprised to see this question on Fluther, especially considering the OP.

I’ll answer it as truthfully and apolitically as I can. I only wear a mask when it is required. I believe the CDC-approved study that I have linked to before, on a separate thread, which showed 5,800 positives among 77 million fully vaccinated people!

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