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Should Michael Vick be allowed to continue playing football in the NFL?

Asked by mzgator (4158points) July 26th, 2007 from iPhone

Atlanta Falcon quarterback has been accused of animal cruelty, dog fighting and various other crimes against animals. Should the NFL allow him to continue playing?

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no criminals should not be allowed play because they are role models for our youths

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Currently, all of the charges are just allegations. I do believe that individuals are innocent until proven guilty in the US

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Rrsiers has a point, but usually cops won't make an accusation like that against a person with that much media attention, unless they have substantial proof.

With that said, I say that if he is convicted of the crime, he should not be allowed to play.

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Also,the NFL is a business like any other in that the bar is much lower with regard to "innocent until proven guilty", and it doesn't take a proven crime to violate the league's new conduct policy. Remember, with Vick this is just the latest in a long LONG list of scummy behavior on his part. Guys like Vick have been running rampant in the league for long enough that the new commissioner had no choice but to institute a zero tolerance policy as a show of good faith to the fans. These days, it won't take much to get you benched.

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I'll wait to see the proof before deciding if he's guilty or innocent. However, I agree with the NFL suspending him (with pay I believe) indefinitely.

I'd like to see him receive the same treatment anyone else would get, good or bad. Of course, that's impossible.

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I believe mike vick is ennocent....I will admit I am a falcons fan I will like it very much so if he played this season we do need him in order to go any where but I also believe that since he has not been proven guilty he should be allowed to play until he is

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I think it's perfectly appropriate for the league to suspend Michael Vick until the outcome of his trial, first because these are very serious allegations. But even if they don't do so, I think that the Falcons organization probably should, because it reflects poorlay on the organization and because it will be a major distraction to the team all season long (most contracts have conduct clauses allowing them to suspend or release a player based on poor conduct or conduct deteremental to the team, which a media circus like this one definitely is). If he is found not guilty, then he can return to the team (if they'll have him---they may still not want to touch someone so controversial) and if he's found guilty, then I think he should be given a lifetime ban.

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There are actually two issues here, Vick's right to keep his job and his right to presumed innocence. The NFL is a buisiness, so like Nike they can do what they want with him -since they are paying him, they have rights in this matter too. As far as the justice system, it is the government's job to prove him guilty.

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I agree with ThePlate, but I'd like to point out that whether he is 'allowed to play' in the NFL will also be up to the NFL, NOT the Falcons. If things turn out poorly for him, then he'll definitely be released, but that would leave some other team to grab him anyway. The NFL, however, might decide independently to suspend him from play league-wide, though that depends on their players' agreement.

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Vick has pleaded guilty so their won't be a trial. 12-18 months is the recommended prison sentence however the final decision is up to the judge who could give up to a maximum of 5 years. I think the punishment will be announced on monday 8/27. After he serves his jail time, Goodell will probably suspend him for maybe an additional year, I hope it's more because I don't think he deserves to play in the NFL again. Not only is he guilty of animal cruelty, he lied to his owners and the commissioners directly face to face. I hope his punishment changes him for the better but I doubt it.

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