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A former beloved Jelly’s birthday would have been today; can we send him some love?

Asked by janbb (56318points) May 18th, 2018

Our beloved and since departed Garywhathefluther’s birthday is today. Can we send some love and appreciation in case his wife is still lurking?

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Much love Gary. It was a great honor to have known you.

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It’s so sad to get these fb notifications when your friend or family member has passed. It didn’t feel right to say anything on his fb since of course he won’t see it, so I’m glad you asked this question here.

The blondes love and miss you Gary. <3

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Miss you, Gary. The ripples you made are still on the move.

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Much love Gary. The pipe you made me has sat on my desk for the last decade. And I don’t even smoke weed anymore.

Edit:: I should add that marring at the top was me making some IKEA bookshelves and I didn’t have a hammer. So being a bag of shit I used the pipe he made me.

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@johnpowell I haven’t used mine in a while either, but it is always near.

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^^Gary’s pipes are solid. I think he’d appreciate how you used it @johnpowell

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I think Gary must have been before my time, but he and everybody else that is here, or gone on, has made this place what it is, so I tip my hat in honor of his birthday : )

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Happy BD Gary. Your name always made me smile!

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Happy birthday Gary, whereverthefluther you are.

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Happy Birthday Gary!!

I keep a letter he sent me on my nightstand. He was so kind and generous. He gets the credit for expanding my collection of Ryan Adams music. He’s one of my favorite musicians now.

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It seems that Gary was before I arrived. After reading all the outpouring of love for Gary, I now feel like I missed something great. I truly hope Gary had a wonderful birthday!!!

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I joined too late, but I have frequently visited archives, and I know what an asset he was, and, probably is yet.
The proposal thread has got to be the most amazing occurrence to ever take place on Fluther.
Whatthefluther, you never knew me, but I know you.
Have a sweet and peaceful birthday.

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@Aethelwine Thank you for the links!!! :) Although I never met either, I feel like I just missed meeting my best friends!!! I love people with HUGE hearts & those are 2 of the biggest hearts I ever came close to knowing!!!

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I was looking at some of his old answers just last night and thinking how much I missed him—and some of the other old jellies that were on the same threads. I didn’t know today was his birthday.

I hope Sherry sees this. I miss you too, @sccrowell.

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“Inside of all of us, there is the need and the desire to be heard, to have our innermost thoughts, feelings and, desires expressed for others to hear, to see and to understand. We all want to matter to someone, to leave a mark. Writers just take those thoughts, feelings and desires and express them in such a way that the reader not only reads them but feels them as well.”
― Vicktor Alexander”

We may not all be professional writers, but I think everyone on this site wants to be heard and wants to leave a mark. I believe that everyone on this site, those alive and those who passed have left a mark even though we may not all be aware of it. All the Jellies that have passed away before my time here have all left a mark on this community, and I think that’s a wonderful and beautiful thing. Their spirits will live on in all of us, even when this site is long gone.
I know this was posted 3 days ago, and I’m really late to responding, but happy birthday, and I wish peace on all of you and to his family.

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All the very best even at a later stage!

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Gary, you left a mark on my heart and my mind. I thought of you, as always, on your birthday. I still miss you, my friend.

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I miss the guy.

Fluther of yore. Sigh.

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Happy belated, WTF. Glad you passed your time here with us.

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@knowevery hi. I have heard a lot about you and your antics but this is the first time I witnessed you in person.

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