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Are we becoming numb to mass killings?

Asked by MrGrimm888 (13672points) May 18th, 2018

A student at the school, in Texas, said she wasn’t surprised by the shooting. How pathetically sad, is that?

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Maybe it has less to do with being numb than the girl knowing the killer too well? He seemed to be obsessed with killing and Nazi, as shown on his Facebook profile. He also chose his victims well, a sign of careful planning rather than an impulsive act.

I have a feeling there were a lot going on behind the scene that we don’t know. A backstory that went on for a long time and only people around the killer know.

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Great answer @Mimishu1995 .^^

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Of course we will become numb. Each episode gets shaken off a little faster. There is no choice. If we are to lead routine lives, these incidents will be woven into the routine, like homelessness or routine poverty.

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Each incident is different and each incident is the same. The shock we all feel wears off quickly due to familiarity. We have been here before, we all knew this would come and we all know this will happen again.

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Sadly I have

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Unfortunately, this has happened so often, that it doesn’t shock me anymore. It just disgusts me, and makes me angrier at the people who think guns aren’t dangerous. Guns are not simply tools, like screw drivers or stand mixers. They are made to cause damage.

Yes, yes, I know the guns are inanimate objects, but people USE guns to kill children at their schools. They don’t use soup spoons. Guns are made for killing people, box trucks are not.

Numb? Not really, but not shocked at all any more. I know it will continue as long as people think guns are just innocuous pieces of metal. It will keep happening as long as idiot parents don’t keep their guns out of the hands of children. It will keep happening until the government wakes up to the fact that some people need unfettered access to mental health care, and general health care. It will keep happening until people in our society make a decision that the well being of human beings in our society is more important than than their “rights” to own and use any type, and amount of weapons they want, at the expense of humanity. This will keep happening until people in our society realize that we are all in this together, instead of being “every man for themselves”.

Numb? No. Angry, yes!

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