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"I'm never going to have to buy another..." what? What do you think you've bought for the last time?

Asked by Jeruba (47956points) May 18th, 2018

A house? A pair of snowboots? A pencil sharpener? A lifetime’s supply of coffee stirrers?

Why do you think it’s the last?

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Skinny jeans, never need those again but I can hope.LOL.

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A Starbuck’s coffee. There were seats when I joined the queue to order my overpriced coffee. When I finally received my coffee there were no seats, just a mass of people chatting or staring into laptops. I stood bewildered for a moment or two then put my coffee back down on the counter and left, never to return.

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Non- rechargeable battery. We purchased a battery recharger and rechargeable batteries. No more being tossed in the waste bin.

Hopefully, a jar of honey. We now have a bee hive, so unless something goes wrong, the bees will provide enough to spare some for us.

A business suit. Hopefully, I’m retired from any job that requires one.

Tampons. Hello menopause!

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Socket set. I have multiple sets in the barn, the basement and my garage. I have sets that I cannibalize if/when I lose a socket.
I am at the point where I need to spend a day or two and spread everything out on the ground and sort through it all. I had hoped my sons would marry and have houses with lots of space so i could start emptying our house, but no… One lives in an apartment in LA and the other in a house with no room.
i’ll keep thinking about this throughout the day. I ‘m sure there are plenty of other things.

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Jar of tabasco sauce. I remember reading once that nobody ever needs two jars of tabasco sauce in their lives.

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I think about this question more often than I should as I roll through my 70s. I bought a water heater 5 years ago with a 25 year guarantee, and just last week, we bought a new Subaru. Like @LuckyGuy I have a surplus of tools, and sockets galore – 2 rolling cabinets with chests on top. The exodus of manufacturing and commercial enterprises from this town has meant a virtual bonanza of free tools for a couple of decades now, and I wind up giving the stuff away. As a result, the wife and 2 of her girlfriends each have cabinet /chest combinations on wheels for storing their sewing/quilting stuff. I think the roof will need redoing sometime in the next 5 years.

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Tampons : )

I’m sure!

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Ooh, another: a car. Where the SO and I live in England, we either walk, take a taxi, or use public transportation. There is no need to own a vehicle. I still own a car in the US, but hope to donate it to a charity when the move to the U.K. is made.

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In 1994, my father, bought a new, loaded, 1995 Oldsmobile Delta 88. He proudly said: “This is the last car I will ever buy!” He was absolutely right. He passed away in 1998.

I have it here as a spare spare. It still runs great!

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I thought about it and…
I’m never going to have to buy another:
pen. I have so many in the kitchen drawer, in the basement file cabinet on the desks, in my dresser. They’re everywhere!
plate. I have Corelle dishes from my wedding plus a set or two given as gifts, and purchased at Goodwill. Corelle is light, strong, and lasts forever. Forever…..
spark plug. I used to change my own plugs. It was almost a comforting ritual. I recently tried to change the plugs in my Tahoe and discovered I am not in shape to do it anymore. I’ll let the neighborhood garage do it.

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Wedding license.

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I was a busy boy in the garden today. I came up with a lot of other items to add to the “never buy again” list.
Hedge trimmer – electric or manual
Chain saw

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@LuckyGuy I never knew you wore hose. Anything you want to tell us? ~

; )

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@Kardamom Rubber hose. Black rubber hose. :-)

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@LuckyGuy Ooh – kinky!

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