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Do you worry about the neatness of the fold?

Asked by canidmajor (14012points) May 26th, 2018

At least three times today, on Facebook, I have seen tutorials on how to fold a fitted sheet with pristine precision.

My question is, why bother?

If it’s roughly folded (not just balled up) it squishes nicely under the other sheet and pillowcases on the shelf of the linen closet, presenting a fairly neat appearance.

It really doesn’t occupy enough extra cubic inch-age to make dramatic inroads into available space.

Because it’s stretched onto the mattress when in use, de-wrinklage is pretty much absolute. (And you can’t see it anyway.)

So why fold it more precisely?

It’s a conundrum.

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@canidmajor I used to spend time trying to approximate a fold of sorts on a fitted sheet. Now, however, I “feed’ it into a small plastic grocery bag like a ‘stuff sack’ and it’s marvelous. No more frustration of “folding”. (once it’s on the bed there are no wrinkles). Voile!

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I throw everything on a pile.

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I try to get a neat fold in a fitted sheet though I know it is futile. I like sheets to fold flat as they look neater and take up less space in my little flat. I always end up with an unwieldy drooping mass which I cram into a drawer out of sight.

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Because husbands like mine who are OC want their sheets, pants, underwear, socks and you name it folded just like it came brand new from the store. I tried for years but couldn’t master it to his liking so I did it and told him if it wasn’t up to his standards for him to redo it! Can’t believe I am still married to this man after 31 years. Should have stepped out 15 years ago because at 60 I would probably end up remarrying an old geezer…..but I can pass for 50.

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Do you have a source for the word “de-wrinklage”?

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@MooCows if you think it’s hard now wait until you’re 70+ and he insists you do these things. Your energy level will Not increase with age.

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Hahaha, @janbb, I saw what you did there!!!

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My mother-in-law told me he would “mellow out” in his old age…..
Was she talking about 90? I am waiting….

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No, because I hand the sheets over to my husband and he folds them up beautifully.

I like them to fit neatly in the linen closet (which is full and can’t handle something that’s not folded efficiently), and I like them to show a nice crease when I take them out. Bottom sheets are fitted, yes, but wrinkles still show. I want top sheets smooth too, and folding them well takes care of that.

However, I try not to own anything that needs ironing. It takes real duress for me to press a man’s shirt. My mother unwittingly soured me on the whole idea of women’s duties when she taught me how to do that. (Okay, I’m exaggerating, but not much.) Luckily Betty Friedan came along a couple of years later and saved the day.

And then I married a man who took it for granted that ironing his shirts was his job. He assumed responsibility for folding the (unironed) sheets too, and there’s my voilà.

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@Jeruba, that alone would keep me married to such a man! Imagine that, taking responsibility for his own shirts!
I also hate ironing. When my mother told me that a well-ironed item was “satisfying” I thought she was nuts.

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I love ironing. Am I a keeper?

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@canidmajor, the first evening he spent with me, I noticed a button about to come off of his jacket, and I got out my needle and thread. But while I was sewing his loose button back on, I made very sure to tell him not to get the wrong idea about my domesticity. I think I told him that was probably the last time he was going to see it. Another exaggeration, but…reasonable caution, you know.

So he used to iron a blouse for me now and then when I owned such things.

Forty years and counting.

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I’ve taught myself how to fold both fitted and flat sheets, large and small while sitting. It turns a boring job into a fun challenge

I’m still not nuts about having a neat closet.

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I could not give a shit about folding sheets… Or I could make homemade garlic butter.

I have tubs of garlic butter.

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I’m a big advocate for “neat enough folding.” I don’t ball things up, but if it’s between efficiency and precision, I’m going with efficiency.

Usefully, my mother taught me a rather fast way of folding the bottom sheet so that it’s more-or-less rectangular—which is to say, neat enough.

I had no idea there were instructional videos on folding.

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I am not into fitted sheets, I use flat sheets top and bottom, not because it’s difficult to fold fitted sheets but simply because I like to use 2 flat sheets. Does anyone else prefer flat sheets all round? And they’ve got to be cotton sheets.

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I think this is just a personal peccadillo. While I personally do not give a rats ass about how the fitted sheets are folded, if you are making me a sandwich you better have two slices that are matched when put together and you better have buttered both slices from every edge to every edge. Why? I have no idea but that is what I want and need. Put the sheets on the be any way that yanks your wang but get my sandwich right!

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You don’t have to fold them at all if you put the sheets back on the bed after removing them from the dryer.

@rojo – That’s how my dad was! Any condiment had to go edge to edge or you would hear about it.

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@tedibear That’s how I do it.

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Me too. One set of sheets at a time. Wash, dry and put back on the bed; hopefully before bedtime!

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