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How are you on making sure everything is tidy in your home before you leave it empty?

Asked by ucme (50047points) July 24th, 2020

Or do you fling fire to the wind & let things be until you get back?

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I like to leave on a neat & tidy note!

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Aside from cleaning house once a week, I tidy up every night before bed. This way, everything is reset for the next day.

If I go out, it is however it is.

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We, of course, have staff for that!

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I like to have it clean or it will bug me.
My studio is another story.

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I’m constantly tidying since I work from home. I’m neat and my husband is not, so it’s challenging sometimes. Like @cookieman, I tidy up before bed nightly and make my bed in the morning.

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@lucillelucillelucille That’s par for the course with you arty types though isn’t it? LOL

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I clean everything well, but I don’t leave it pin neat. You can see through some of my windows and I figure better it looks like someone lives here.

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@KNOWITALL: The struggle is real my friend. My wife is a slob and it’s a constant uphill battle.

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People always comment on how organized and clean my house is, but to me it always feels like a mess. However, I work in other people’s homes and it’s pretty average. It’s clean, but there’s a pile of dirty towels on the bathroom floor and some dishes in my sink.

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I like things squared away

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I’m not understanding the “leaving it empty” thing.

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I tidy little areas at a time, depending on my free time, my mood, my energy level. I may tidy the kitchen counter, then another day take some Windex and paper towels and clean the bathroom floor and vanity, then another time clean the toilet, then another time something else. Unfortunately, it’s never all clean at once, like it was when I had a cleaning lady. Leaving the house tidy when I go out is never the goal. When I go away on vacation, I try to clean up as best I can.

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Oh wait, I took the Q to mean for days away from the house while on vacation/holiday. Are we talking just leaving for a few hours? I barely worry about tidying up in that scenario. I clean like @jca2, sections at a time.

I do try to keep the dishes clean or put away in the dishwasher, I’m pretty good about that, but I have been known to leave a dirty dish or pot if I’m just leaving the house for the day.

In the back of my mind now I feel like if I got very sick or God forbid died from covid, I‘d want the house to be in a fairly good state of clean and tidy so my husband wouldn’t have to deal with a big mess, or if we both got gravely ill that the house would be in a disarray for a long time and others would have to clean it out. I’m not obsessing about that though, obviously the chances of both of us being severely ill is probably extremely low.

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Leaving the house with no one home for a few hours or more.
Basically, you are last to leave & the state of your home was yours to tidy or leave as is.

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Ok, yeah, it didn’t even occur to me that the Q was asking about leaving just for the day, because it doesn’t occur to me to straighten when leaving for the day. I have enough trouble getting out of the house as it is.

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I am looking for some OCD friends I can invite over, so I can get caught up on things.

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@ucme hahahah okay, that’s a good joke. why would I care if I am just going out to the store and run errands?

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@anniereborn It’s okay, this is not a test lol

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