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Koolaid Hair Dye?

Asked by Akame009 (228points) June 4th, 2018

So, I have hair down to my hips and it’s extremely thick. The last time I dyed it half of my hair died from the chemicals. So I was wondering if anyone has used Koolaid hair dye and if it hurt their hair? Any advice?

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I used it. It worked fine for me the first time. The next time I had lots of breakage, but I’m not sure if it was the dye, or the bleach. I’m a brunette, was hoping for a nice, natural looking orange. I used spray on sun treatment to bleach my hair. The second time I got frustrated with the results, and kept adding more.

What color are you considering?

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Years ago when I used to go to a local “barber college” for cheap haircuts there was a young woman there with very brightly-colored streaks in her hair. She told me – I’m pretty sure, anyway – that she used unsweetened Jell-o as her coloring agent.

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I’m going to dye all of my hair a deep purple

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That should look stunning!
Be aware, recolor you get will not necessarily be like you see when you pour a glass of kool-aid. It is all about what your hair absorbs, and what rinses away.
Try just a small strand first.
Some people have tried for orange, and got pink, for example.
The way I did mine, was with a bowl. I mixed the kool-aid with hot water in the bowl. Now, mind you, this was after shampoo, thoroughly rinsed out, BEFORE conditioner.
I too had very long hair, so I held the bowl with my hair all in it.
It works best if it has a minute to soak in, but, trust me, you don’t want it on your scalp that long. It will sting. Also, keep it from your eyes.
After letting my hair soak, I lifted it from the bowl, and what was left I poured over my head.
I then rinsed with water as cold as I could tolerate. That helps to set the color. Then, finally rinse and condition as you normally would.
I have seen great results, and some who were very disappointed.
I hope it turns out well for you. The purple on such long hair could be smashing!

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Okay. Thank you so much

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