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It's the middle of August, and it seems like summer is almost over. What summer fun to you expect to be able to fit in before Labor Day?

Asked by tabbycat (1808points) August 17th, 2008
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Just about none at all! Next week will be filled with supply shopping, clothes shopping, and hair appointments for my kiddies. Week after that, it’s back to school. If we’re lucky, we might eek out 1 more day at the pool.

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Going on vacation at the end of the month.Will see friends, eat a cheesesteak, pick blueberries, go swimming. I can’t wait!

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I’m leaving for a family vacation in about 24 hours. We’ll be in Myrtle Beach for 8 nights.

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I’ll make a few blackberry pies, kayak a few more times, and attend a music festival.

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over here on Emgland, it’s felt like summer has been over for the last three weeks – the weather has been so gloomy. It’s felt like September. The only way um going to have any more summer fun this year is if I leave the country.

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When is labour day? Summer, around here, is only indicated by the slightly elavated temperature of the rain hitting the ground…..

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Off to Hawaii this Tuesday. Shaka Brah! I’ll make sure that I drink a Tropical Itch and give a toast to all you Flutherers out there in Jellyfishland.

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@Astrochuck.., I am so jealous! We went last May, and we are going again in May 09 ! I can’t wait! What part are you going to?

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I’m waiting until AFTER labor day when the crowds die down to take my grandson to DISNEYLAND!!!

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Just Oahu this time.

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We went to Oahu and Kauai. We are going to Maui, Oahu and Kauai this time. We have some very good friends from Kauai. They take us to places only locals go to. It’s awesome!

I know you are going to have a great time! Have fun and have a great trip!

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mz- There is a great little breakfast place in Lihue called the Tip Top Cafe. The macadamia & banana pancakes there are incredible.
Ask your friends about a little cove on Anini Beach near Hanalei. It’s usually deserted and very romantic.

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and now I have to stop following this thread, due to massive jealousy

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I’m the one who’ll be jealous when the Discover bill is due!

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I think summer is over now… I wanted to go lake swimming… maybe next year.

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