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Can you give me a list of all the name calling being done related to politics today in America?

Asked by JLeslie (58936points) June 12th, 2018 from iPhone

A list and the definitions.

I hate it, I hate the name calling. Snowflakes, deplorable, racists, elitists, there are more. When someone is a racist I am all for calling them out on it, but that word is being thrown around way too much.

Where I live a snowflake is someone who owns two or more homes and only lives here for a few weeks to a few months at a time. Flipping politics has stolen that word and ruined it for us. What does it mean now? I’m not even sure, maybe one of you can tell me.

Ok, so what’s the list? And, how do you feel about using the word, and/or the word being used on you?

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I thought that was “snowbird” for people who seasonally migrate between houses.

“Snowflake” is as I understand derogatory for any left leaning young person who pushes politics, feels they are special, entitled and yet has no weight of life experience to back any of it up. It’s the rights way of saying “shut up your opinion does not count” when someone is called it.

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“Animals” as a label for, not animals, but humans.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Snowbird is someone who comes down to Florida at least 3 months in the winter, although if they own a house it’s typically 6 months and a day for the winter months so they get the property tax benefit.

Here in my retirement community we have snowbirds, but we also have snowflakes. Snowflakes come for a month, then travel on a long cruise, or some other vacation, then go back north for a few months in the summer, then come back down to Florida for a few weeks, then back north for a birthday, or a holiday, then on another vacation. They also, if it accumulated to 6 months and a day get the tax benefit. They just flit around, seemingly living the high life. We also have frogs. They finally move down to Florida permanently and stay here until they croak.

I don’t like snowflake being used to dismiss young people and their opinions. I’d rather be respectful and educate them then call names. Are we ok with them calling us old people names? It’s horrible.

@rebbel I don’t think I’ve heard “animals” being used this political season, but I’ve tried to not listen to too much politics. Who’s saying it?

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What’s 45?

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^^ Trump

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^^Oh. Duh. Lol. Thanks. I’m not with it this morning. I can’t sleep in my comfortable position, because I’m trying to fix my vertigo, and I’m a little miserable and tired.

I don’t listen to what 45 says very much.

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I don’t think there is a specific list…just people making up insulting sounding words. The word itself may not be insulting; but with its intent, it becomes insulting!!!

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social justice warrior,

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^^What’s soyboy?

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Soy contains estrogen, so people, specifically males, who eat soy based products, are girly, and not real men.

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@ragingloli I’m happy to say I had not heard that term before you mentioned it. People suck.

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@JLeslie Not possible to give you a list. For some, the name calling, character assassination, and lies are all they have for weapons! It is very sad.

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@JLeslie you typically can’t be respectful and educate snowflakes, they’ll just disregard anything you say and likely call you any number of names. In my opinion there are also snowflakes on the right but there are so many other colorful words for them that the term snowflake is usually pointed left.

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All I will mention is one I take very personally and is thrown on this site often and with no basis in fact: Racist.

How does it make me feel? It makes me feel like the person saying that word to me is ignorant.

It makes me feel defensive, which is something I’m working on in myself, not responding to political baiting by ignorant people. It’s so offensive to me, it’s difficult for me. Those of you who know my history, know exactly why I find it so offensive to be thrown about casually.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me It doesn’t change that calling names is simply a bad example. Adults telling young adults to “grow up” and then the older adults call names like children in a schoolyard.

Hypocrisy. Irony. I’m not sure what to call it.

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^^ He started it!

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@Janbb Exactly. And, both sides are using that line also!

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@JLeslie I’ll disagree actually. I’m a middle of the road person, leaning right fiscally and left socially, and I see a lot on the Left making all the snide comments. It’s bordering on ridiculous frankly. Especially on fluther.

I mean many threads are not about politics, but you get one or two of the same people seething with anger and hatred, bringing it into non-related threads, many on the Left pick it up and just go nuts. Maybe we need a thread to ONLY criticize the Commander In Chief and let the rest of us enjoy and participate in normal threads.

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(Mine was just a joke about her remark that it was the grown-ups being so childish. I wasn’t particularly going there.)

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@janbb haha, oops. Dropped a #truthbomb

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@janbb I know you were joking, but it happens to be something I have pointed out as a real thing that bothers me.

When everyone piled on Trump for attacking Ted Cruz, Trump pointed out Ted started it—which he did. Then, everyone piled onto Trump for staying “he started it” as a childish excuse.

Later, so many Democrats are saying fighting fire with Fire is the way to go, and they are going tit for tat in the same way.

Obama said something like “if they go low, we go high.” Now, the mantra on parts of the left is if they go low, we’ll go lower.

@KNOWITALL I think it’s terrible on both sides. In fact I think the republicans were the ones who were the worst for years, but now it feels like the democrats have caught up. A bunch of the words republicans have used are above. Libtard, elitist, Hitler (both sides use that one), socialist, dictator (both sides use that one) snowflake, crooked Hillary, even calling Mexicans rapists and criminals, even though I don’t even believe trump thinks all Mexicans are rapists and criminals, the list goes on. Maybe if the democrats are worse now it’s hard for me to see it after spending years of being on the receiving end of what the republicans were saying and doing. I lived in a very right leaning place during the Obama years and some of what was said was really unbelievable.

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I’m not saying they are innocent but the left is tame compared to conservative Trump followers.

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In person and one on one no, the left are just as nasty. Of course we are talking extremes but we have perhaps two Trump followers on fluther, nine or ten extreme lefties and a whole bunch of moderates. As bad as it gets here it’s better than most of the internet which is either flush with trolls, an echo chamber or a war room.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Yes, I agree. I think the moderates are the ones who are most disgusted right now.

I love passionate people, I love to discuss politics, but people are twisting the truth to skew to their side of politics, it’s gross, misleading and juvenile.

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