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Is the hand a good image to represent fatherhood, and why or why not?

Asked by flo (11233points) June 17th, 2018

And what image repesents motherhood?

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I think it’s a great representation.
My father taught me many things with his hands. They represent utility, defense, discipline,strength, help, and many more fatherly qualities.

For a Mom? I’ll have to think hard to equal the hand analogy…

Maybe the mouth?

A Mom talks to her child. Counseling, singing, smiling, teaching, admonishing, loving, caring. Characteristics that I would equate with the mouth…

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I think a shirt like this sums it up link

(there is a NSFW version of that too)

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Here’s the NSFW link NSFW

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I like Mr. Grimm’s answer…..go with that one.

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the boob for motherhood (nurturing)

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I think mothers can also be represented by hands. Soft hands may be ( to show more caring nature of moms and not physical aspect). I’m not sure how can you differentiate that in a painting though.

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My Dad died when I was 4. I have a few faded memories of him. What remember most of him was his strong vice and strong hands. Hands that directed the “little boy” (that’s what he called me) where ever I needed to go. To the toilet. To the shower. And on the airplane to the vomit bag when I was airsick.

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I think a dads hand holding a childs hand is great. It would symbolize to me the support that dads provide.
For a mom, I picture a mom, hold back her hair and gently kissing a babys head. For me a mom watches over their children, day and night.

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A belt and beer bottle is more accurate, really.

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@MrGrimm888 So, if a woman shows the “utility,(is that resourcefulness?) defense, discipline,strength, help” should she be denied the motherhood role, since she is acting like a father not acting like a mother? How about it’s only if you’re Irish catholic you’re supposed to have x y z (good qualities), not if protestant etc.,?

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^I think you’re over thinking my response. Both genders are basically capable of doing both roles.

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@MrGrimm888 You’re so right. My question is sexist,

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It could be perceived as such, but I don’t see it that way.

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@MrGrimm888 In this case I would rather be on your own side.

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You’re good. No problems.

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@MrGrimm888 Thanks. I meant “In this case I would rather you be on your own side.” Your post: “Both genders are basically capable of doing both roles.”, My OP is sexist, since anatomy doesn’t determine whatever good or bad qualities. Thanks again.

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No problem.

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