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Let's play a little game: Question Time! According to you, what's the difference (specifically that I have in mind) between Sherlock Holmes and Akagi Shigeru?

Asked by luigirovatti (853points) June 18th, 2018

I’ll tell you a little hint: Sherlock he’s an invesigative consultant. Akagi Shigeru is a gambler.
Let’s get further off the hint: Sherlock solves murder cases. Akagi, mmmh, :-/, what does it do?
Also, to help yourselves, reference yourselves toward the renowned TV series Sherlock. Abroad collective fluthers are invited, I’ve read on Wikipedia that the series has sold in more than 180 languages.
You have 30 minutes. Then, I’ll repsond. Good luck!

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I feel in good mood today, :-) I’ll give you another hint jellyfish: They hate boredom, BUT… uhnmmm,

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How many people here do you suppose have even a clue as to what you are talking about?

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Agaki likes chance. Sherlock not.

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that may be both true and wonderful, but humor me and answer my first question.

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I assume you’ve read my tags and done your search on the matter, but I’ll tell you the same: Sherlock Holmes is a genius, an investigative consultant who solves murder cases, the only one on the job. He has a brother, Mycroft, co-founder of the Diogenes club, the landlady of 221B Baker Street, where Holmes lives, Mrs. Hudson, an assistant, military doctor from Afghanistan, Dr. John Watson, a lover, a thief jewel, Irene Adler, and a nemesis, a professor, unmarried, “His younger brother is a station master in the west of England.” (quote by the writer) Dr. James Moriarty. He lives in London, 19th century. Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character by Arthur Conan Doyle.
Akagi Shigeru, ... , there’s not much to say about him because not much of him is known. He is a fictional character in a manga (japanese comics) by Nobuyuki Fukumoto. He likes to gamble, to risk his life, in a literal way. He is an “outcast”, in his own terms, and he has a few friends, but had never the intention of having wife and children. He has a will of iron. He plays Mahjong, (not solitaire). At the beginning of the manga, he is 13, but he is portrayed in several moments of his life, including his death. Actually, I’m wrong, there’s an other manga on Akagi, “Ten”, obviously by the same author. Later in his life, Akagi becomes a Yakuza boss. On a more personal note, nothing ascertained, proved, it’s forshadowed, hinted, that he lost both his parents at a young age.

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I’m following your question, but I’m clueless.

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I’m another clueless follower.

I’m curious to see if the raging lollipop attempts to answer this one.

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Reading your question is like reading a language I have never learned. I have absolutely NO IDEA what you are trying to say. Help us out here, start from the beginning.

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Most of us know a great deal about Holmes, and some of us have watched the Cumberbatch tv series. But the Akagi stuff is a rarified topic and it surprises me that you would think an ample audience available here.

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I have read most of your postings, and am usually baffled by your questions. It always bewilders me when you & loli seek answers here for obscure fantasy topics. Aren’t there sites that specialize in these things?

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They are both deducting, very calculating , crazy mother fuckers.

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So Squeek you are familiar with Manga? I have a niece that is parked somewhere on the outskirts of Manga & she would talk to me about things like Manga and “Japanimation”. But it’s still “Greek to me.

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Not at all,I just googled the other guy and watched some you tube videos , Greek to me too,
But the OP asked what the difference between the two are, and my answer didn’t answer that ,the only thing I can tell one is Cartoon and the other isn’t.
Both are fictional.

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The difference between the two should be obvious to everyone by now. Akagi Shigeru is NOT well known, and Sherlock Holmes is extremely well known.

Other than that, Shigeru is Japanese, and Holmes is British. Other than that, I have no profound, or interesting answers about this subject

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I like your answer @Kardamom ,I will go with that.^^

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Since I’m familiar with Sherlock & have NO freaking idea who Akagi Shigeru even is, I have to go with what I know & say Sherlock!!!

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They both enjoyed a night on the tiles to alleviate the ennui, one in an opium den, the other in a gambling den.

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Agreed—The difference is, I know who Sherlock Holmes is, but I haven’t a clue who the other person is

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Another question time: evidently the question IS understandable, otherwise why giving me a “great question”? No offence obviously.

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No offense taken; but, obviously I wasn’t the one giving you the GQ..I don’t give them out like M&M’s!!!

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Of course the question is legible, and written in flawless English, but forget about fluther for a second. How many people in a random population would you guess capable of recognizing the name Akagi Shigeru? For those who never heard of him (my guess is 90–95% of those here), how many do you guess will do the research required to enable an intelligent answer to your question?

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