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What would you give a man who wants nothing?

Asked by brunel (13points) June 18th, 2018

Like when a man doesn’t need anything, what can you give him?

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Love and compassion. There’s no one on this planet who doesn’t wanna be loved.

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Your time perhaps.

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A special massage.

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Even if he doesn’t want anything he certainly has his own needs. I will try to fullfill his needs to the best of my ability. Cook his favorite meal, wash his cloth, make his life much easier, etc. Every little things will count.

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Sometimes “I don’t need anything” means “I could much better use the cash.”

I’ve seen this a few times, like when somebody who could really, really use money to send their kid to the dentist, but they get taken to a $200/person restaurant instead. The intentions are good, but it’s as good as lighting money on fire in their honor.

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A gift-wrapped empty box.

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Exactly what he wants….lol

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his every desire

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A special experience that you know he’d like.

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Nothing then.

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@KNOWITALL has taken my answer again.
Maybe a video compilation of family, friends, or some special thing which means a lot to him.

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@Patty_Melt Oops, sorry! haha (Guess that means you’re a smart aleck, too!)

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Food, water, a place to sleep, and a bathroom. No one wants his shit around here!

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Comes from that Midwest mentality I guess.
“He wants nothing? Guess I can afford to make him happy.”

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Donate to a charity in his name.

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A gift certificate to his favorite restaurant – and go there with him!

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An experience that he would enjoy: an overnight trip (with you) to a nice hotel out of town, and a day of sightseeing, or picnicking, or going to museums, or new (to him) restaurants.

What are his interests? There are usually fun activities related to whatever kinds of things people are interested in.

Tickets to a play, a special meal either at a restaurant, or made by you. A formal photo shoot with you, or with his immediate family, or his pets (then get it framed). Go camping or glamping. Go wine tasting.

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A man who wants nothing actually would like more time.

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Buy him his own star. I think you can name a star anywhere from $20.00 to $200.00 depending on how bright you want it to be.

I don’t want anything usually means you can’t afford to buy something that I’d like. So, surprise him with a gift that nobody he knows has & takes some thought.

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Bake him a cake.

Cook him a meal.

If you don’t know how to, learn; that would be a tremendous gift.

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