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A good way to search Tumblr tumblelogs?

Asked by Phillyzero (129points) August 18th, 2008

I’m very new to tumblr and it seems like a very interesting sort of blogging site, but is there a way to efficiently search other peoples tumblelogs? On the homepage, besides the already featured blogs I don’t see a way to search or click tags or anything like that, just the same set of people featured.

How do you find tumblelogs of interest to you?

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Well recently some people launched a site called Roll Call which is a good way to view random tumblelogs.

Personally, I just find one or two interesting tumblelogs and find other tumblelogs based on who they reblog or their followers list.

Anyways here are some I like (yes i love my own tumblelog)

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Thanks for the answer Mirza, I knew you’d answer my question. You’re tumblelog is amazing.

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