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What's something you LOVE helping others with?

Asked by ideabrian (404points) August 18th, 2008

And you know this, because you either do it without requiring payment, or you do it and make a lot of money at it.

Also, an indicator is that somebody says, “Hey, we’re doing _______ .” And you drop whatever else you’re doing so you can go do that thing.

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Example: I love helping people think of different ways of doing things. Get started and I can always come up with many more options – not all good, not all useful, and some admittedly just a part of trying to put two things together to see what could happen.

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Finding people…I kick ass at finding people.

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I like answering questions that people post on Fluther.

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I love helping those in need. Like last Saturday some friends and I grabbed some cheeseburgers and bottled water and handed them out to the homeless. I also like giving advice and being a good listener to my friends.

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I like spending hours talking to friends about their problems, sorting them into nice little piles and explaining what they need to do until we are in agreement. And then they decide my advice is too hard to follow so they do what they were going to do before calling me. And then I end up being right, and they call me to tell me how dumb they are and how next time they are going to listen to me. And then the same thing happens over and over.

But for some reason my friends never call to see how I’m doing….

Go figure.

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Apple, webdevelopment and design

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Moving and talking.
It’s my job. Our clients are often people who have never been able to independently move across a room, or verbally communicate to another person. We fix them up with state-of-the-art wheelchairs that fit their bodies, no matter how uniquely they’re shaped, and that they can control themselves. And we can outfit them with devices that let them finally say what they have to say. Little stuff that changes lives.

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Come up with a slogan, a short message, an image, a report…...basically give me chaos and ask for shape and I’m a pig in shit!

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Talking to people.

I have a lot of single friends who, when we go out, often find people they think are attractive, but refuse to go and talk to them. I’m the one who will immediately offer to go with them to talk to this person. Or go get that person and bring them back to talk to my friends.

Once, three of my girlfriends were talking about how gorgeous this one guy who walked in the club was and none of them would go up and talk to him. So, I walked up to him with them by my side, grabbed his arm and told him we thought he was the best looking guy in the club. He happened to be with two friends, so I excused myself to go to the bathroom and left my friends there to talk to him and his friends.

Basically, I’m an awesome wingman… er… woman.

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I like helping people clean up and organize. I do this almost sub-consciously. For example, if my friend is showing me something on his computer I will start to clean up the desk and throw away garbage. Most of the time people do not mind (usually they like it) but I am often called a “neat-freak” or “germaphobe.”

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With personal hygiene.

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@harp Very cool

@heysupm Are you me? I love organizing. Sometime I make my husband grimace. But we don’t misplace stuff very much :)

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history, and finding things, but not alone if you get my drift. :)

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I love making food for the battered woman’s shelter. I think I do it in part to be generous, but I think the bigger part is I can cook 9which I love) and no one would ever complain if it sucks. It really is fun to do and the women and kids seem to enjoy. It’s a selfish pleasure.

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i just love helping people. it’s fun sometimes, when someone is in need i feel obligated to help.

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I tutored math and physics for years. Sometimes for free or for trade. I spent a semester trading math tutoring for massages. I tutored physics for a year for coffee and sometimes meals.

I love all sorts of problem solving and troubleshooting. Tell me something you’re doing, or trying to do, doesn’t work and I’m loving it. I’ll jump right in. If recipes don’t quite work, I can figure out what will make them work in a try or two.

And I’m really good at matching people who can help each other.

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who can you match me with? :)

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Ha! Since I don’t know you, what you need, or what you could offer yet my answer would have to be…ummmm. :^>

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I love helping people with math and science yes, i know, GEEK! and i tend to be the person people go to for advice and venting. and this advice giving pattern with my friends is identical to trumi’s pattern….humans are the same everywhere….

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you are not a geek, repeat that to yourself, you are not a geek, well not to me.

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actually, i really like being a geek :)

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well that’s up to you. :)

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Yeah, most of us geeks are proud of it these days. :^>

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I love to help sort out where the boundaries or territories lie for people who are struggling with personality/communication difficulties. “You can’t fix those people’s relationship; you can fix the relationship you have with each of them, though.” Lightbulb. Easy to do for other people…..

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Figuring out what books or movie a person is thinking of, based on vague plot clues or a single actor or something like that.

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@McBean: My husband is good at that. I’m better with faces and he’s better with names. Sometimes we play pub trivia. After a movie question, he’ll have no idea of the answer. I’ll tell him it’s that blond that played the vampire in this and the lawyer in that. And he comes up with the name. It always amazes me how well this works between us but how neither of us could’ve worked it out on our own.

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I enjoy coaching people transitioning from PC to Mac. I do it for all my friends & family – I’ll accept payment only if they insist (I make it a rule never to refuse generosity).

In my work as a designer, I also get a special kick out of helping people just starting up their businesses. Taking those dreams and making them real – even if it’s just a logo or web site – makes me happy.

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as nerdy as it may sound, I have to say homework because when I go to college next year I want to study to become a high school level math teacher and I love the feeling when you van make someone understand something they’ve never understood before.

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What I love is helping people with their computers. I do it for a living and could talk about it for hours.

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