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Can you open a body bag from the inside?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24183points) June 20th, 2018

Just in case you are still alive.

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I’ll be sure to let you know, C. I’ll PM you from my cellphone.

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Depends on how well it is zipped. If it is zipped well, you can’t get your finger through to ush teh zipper down. Also, if you are large there won;t be enoughroom o free your hands to get above your head to even reach the zipper.

I doubt you could use anything except a very sharp and strong knife to slit it, those things are designed to stand up to a lot of abuse without popping open and spilling the contents.

Let’s face it, if you get put in one, best to nap until you get to the mortuary.

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I’m dying to find out

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I don’t know & I hope to NEVER find out!!!

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There are jackets that have a double-sided zipper as they are reversible. Maybe it should be mandatory that they are used in body bags.

If the person couldn’t work the zipper or poke a hole in the bag, perhaps they could use their teeth. Or yell, or just move.

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About 13 years ago, it became law that every automobile had to have an emergency trunk release somewhere in the trunk in case someone were caught inside.

This would be along the same lines.

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@elbanditoroso I suspect that there are way more people who find themselves in the trunk of a car than alive in a body bag, but I don’t have any stastics to back that up.

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I have seen several news reports about people who have woken up in body bags in the morgue at the hospital or while being transported to a funeral home. So, IF they don’t have an inside escape zipper, they should!!!

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It’d be ironic if they had a recall of all body bags and installed ways to get out from inside them… just before the zombie apocalypse broke out.

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You would need a sharp knife to do so. Remember, nothing is impossible in this world.

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Zombie Apocalypse?

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