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Making a Fluther app. Interested?

Asked by pcekeyper88 (42points) June 26th, 2018

I want to make a app for Fluther. This site would be useful on the go. For phone and computer (Mac and PC).

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I don’t know what all is involved in making an app, but I have no problem accessing Fluther on my phone while I’m on the go.

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There was a Fluther App for iPhone in 2008

But no more.

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I only use my phone…

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Why would we need an app when we can access it through the internet on our phones?

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Considering that Fluther is the fully owned intellectual property of an app developer, I don’t think this is a good idea (at least if you plan on doing it without permission).

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I toyed with the idea for a bit. The first question was what would a app add over a the mobile site and setting the bookmark as a icon on your homescreen.

Mobile site is good enough. I could add notifications for @mentions and private messages. That is about all I could think of.

It would be a considerable amount of work for a niche thing when I could make more doing real work.

But if wan’t to give it a go to get your feet wet and build a portfolio give it a whirl.

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I have a feeling so many people are making apps out of websites these days. There have to be at least some functions that make it worthy of an app, something an app can do but a website can’t. If the website is fine, who needs an app?

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No. I don’t do apps.

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