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What are some actors that you can only ever remember by a specific character they played, and not by their actual name?

Asked by ragingloli (49124points) June 29th, 2018

For example, Wolverine, or James T. Kirk, or Captain Picard.

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I rarely ever do that, I always watch the credits and read their names.

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That guy that was the prosecutor in My Cousin Vinney

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ragingloli? Although sometimes I think of it as “loli” for short.

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Jerry Seinfeld…har har

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Harry Potter was good in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

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Ashley Wilkes. I remember the character name from Gone With the Wind, but no recollection of the actor.

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^^ Leslie Howard I believe.

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Because—like me—you’re shit at remembering or caring to remember people’s names.

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Can’t remember his real name, but most people who were fans of the show know who you’re talking about.

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@chyna Hugh Laurie.

He’s far more famous in the UK for his role in the Blackadder comedy series.

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The guy who played Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther series. Funny as hell but I could never recall his name.

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The guy who was continuously being depicted as a cheapskate who couldn’t play the violin. on the Jack Benny show.

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I have a bunch of them!!! I usually remember the character’s name & then work to remember the movie’s name. Then I go into thinking about the movie name staring*...* Most of the time I pull out the actor’s name. Yes, it’s the long way around but it works most of the time !!!

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Professor Macgonical, though I know I did even worse by not remembering how to spell her name.
Maybe she should help me with my spell?

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I tend to ignore most recent celebrities and their names. I will never forget that James T. Kirk is WILLIAM SHATNER (damn it!) and not the dude in the new teenage-punk JJ Abrams reboot version.

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That’s a long list.

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Jack Nicholson. Most to all of his characters are named Jack. He was Jack Napier in Batman. Also bill and ted the one who wasn’t Kenu Reeves

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Hans Landa

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Adolf Hitler

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