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Why is my filtered water a dark color?

Asked by TheSpiderWeb (199points) June 29th, 2018

Inside the jug, the water is clear as day but once poured into a cup, it is a darkish blue/purple color. Is it safe to drink?

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How was it filtered?

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If it’s being filtered as it comes out of the jug I’d guess that carbon powder from the filter is being washed out as you pour. This happens with a new filter so they tell you to throw away the first couple of jug fulls.

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Yeah, if it is a carbon filter, this is expected. What you are actually seeing is carbon fines suspended in the liquid. When they put the carbon into the filter and it jiggles around in transit to wherever it goes until it reaches you, little pieces of the carbon break loose. These pieces are smaller than the porosity of the filter holding in the rest of the carbon and will wash out when water is poured through. It isn’t really harmful, but is unsightly and might end up catching on your teeth like coffee grounds might. It’s best to pour a few volumes through the filter to wash out the fines to eliminate this issue.

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