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What to ask a scammer to catch him in a lie?

Asked by Nevada83 (858points) June 29th, 2018

In case this ever happens to me?

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Ask for his/her Social Security number.

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I believe that it is prudent to NEVER engage a scammer…I just assume that everything coming out of their finger tips is a lie!!!

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f it is important, they will leave a message. You wrote: “In case this ever happens to me”
Well, it will absolutely happen to you. It is best not to engage. The scammer is a scammer. He/she is more practiced at being dishonest than you. As soon as they start asking for information or money that is your clue to cut them off.
Don’t answer your phone if it is from someone you don’t know. If it is important, they will leave a message.

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Tell him that you are busy and to get his phone number to call him back..if he does not give you a legitimate phone number ( check online) then he is scamming.
Most telemarketers and scammers will not allow you to call them…because usually the numbers are fake.
Never give out personal information such as mothers maiden name, your date of birth ,Sin number etc
They use this info to create a fake credit card acct, using that info and thus you are libel for the acct.

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“What are you selling?”

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My caller ID shows the name of the caller. You can insist on talking to the person with that name. Most of the time they will hang up. The smart ones will say that he is not there. At which point I would ask to have that person call me back when he gets in.

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I read somewhere that if you have caller ID and know it’s an unknown, better not to answer, period. By answering, you tell their system that this was a good number, with a real human at the end of the phone, and they mark it to keep calling. Sigh.

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If you really think it’s a scam don’t answer. Also you could ask them question of what they do, sell or want. You don’t always know you’re being scammed.

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If it’s a scammer, and his lips are moving, he’s lying.

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